Growing Cannabis

Organic Nutrients & Why There Awesome For Growing Weed

Outdoor organic growing.

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  1. thanks again for the info, the first few products you use, do you ferment them in a tea form as well then add it, alfalfa, barley corn etc…

  2. Hey you can grow your own organisms . 5gal bucket airstones and pump. Molasses or your sprout tea and white shark boom its growing.3gal of non chlorinated water Feed cup of molasses or tea when needed about every other day. Keep about 72degrees it will live as long as you feed and no chlorinated water.

  3. I can’t find any Aloe Vera 200times on eBay from India at all. Can someone please send a link ? That’s crazy

  4. Nice shout out to grow legend Clackamas Coot!
    Figured he was an influence on you 🙂

  5. I spray the entire ground and the pots and nearby trees with the caterpillar spray, rather than directly on the plant. I grow a couple pots of cauliflower which caterpillars love and put them around the perimeter.

  6. Thanks man these are like secrets from the gods to a weed grower like me so looking forward to using this as soon as grow time comes around.

  7. Thanks Kgb for the knowledge. It really helps out if you're trying to stay organic. Peace growmies.

  8. I love this video, so full of knowledge you're so generous her I greatly appreciate you sharing the knowledge thank you thank you thank you with that being said please have a blessed day 👍

  9. what do you do with your soil in the off season? I am just starting out and would gain from any type of input. Thanks for the help. I have a climate that snows so what should I do with my 45 gallons pots that have worms in them?

  10. Love your work man hard work pays off you only get what you put in thanks for the extra knowledge to spread on growgreen💪

  11. I’m actually following your regiment for SST. But I don’t how many cups you use and water ratio per plant.

    How many litres and/or gallons per foot of growth?

  12. Hey bro… first thing i wanna say is thank u so much for sharing all your knowledge. Im from canada and i watch all your videos… im following your methods this year and I'm loving what i see… i was just curious how long you veg your plants for? Like how long is your veg time out doors and how long do you veg before putting them out?

  13. Another plant exploder, find bird guano in a parking garage or where it doesn't get rained on,bridges are no good for this reason, if its been rained on it's diluted and heavily contaminated motor oil n stuff, better than store bought .put in water electrolosize ,feed,watch them double size in a week.about a handful per gallon, works great, Same with fresh kelp.don't forget to lick the fingers, lol,please wear gloves, avian disease is no fun

  14. Really thank you for the knowledge. I have a question on compost tea, do I full feed every 2 week during flower as well? Or just veg?

  15. Hey man thanks a lot for the lesson appreciate everything you do 🌳 🌳

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    Scream….for mercy.
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  17. Yo Kali, how do you use insect frass and neem seed meal as a foliar spray? Do you use a strainer and brew it for a few hours. I don't remember seeing a video of you talking about that. Thanks bro

  18. I came back to this video because ive been seeing spider mites….im freaking out!!!! what should I use??

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