How Marijuana Works


nomorepills. #pain #vicodin.

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  1. Great video! loved it from A to Z! great message and good energy! I wish for the day money won't be more important than people, respect and Love. I believe that day isn't that far ( yeah hippy i am)
    CBD is my medication since a few years now, and i LOVE it. i don't know where you buy from ( maybe i missed it) but i buy on and the guy are lovely and product are good.
    Waiting for the day i can grow my own ( living in EU) THC and CBD.
    Love you all

  2. Mr Stoner, Did you have problem from your past or present doctor's who prescribe your pain medication, with you also using cannabis?

  3. Hey man. Not sure, if you will ever read this. However, I feel like I should give you this information, considering your pain.
    You should get some lion's mane mushrooms every now and then. This will help repair some of your nerve damage.

  4. Cannabis and Psylocyban are the future of treating most physical and psychological pain, I just hope that future is getting close.

  5. Lost my right leg above the knee (AKA) to MRSA & a misdiagnosis. Has taken me from July 2017, but I too am pill free. No more Xanax or Oxycodone 30's. Smoke the hybrids during the day and indica at night to sleep. Am a happier man now.

  6. yo man, I didn’t have time to watch the whole video so not sure if you mentioned it but you need to try something called kratom. Do some research on it. I, and many other opiate addicts (chronic pain or recreational) have repplaced opiates with kratom i was both a pain patient and a recreational user and have replaced all opiates with kratom. It’s also legal to order online, it’s not just some bs herb

  7. Let’s help spread this mans message and give him some subs, Reddit do your thing

  8. Thank you for making videos like this! My mom was on pills for fibromyalgia and other painful conditions and she moved to a legal state then quit her meds and I'm so proud of her!

  9. Good vid man. You're a savage for not turning off your cell phone, but you do you!

    Why the joints vs. a dry herb vape? I realize some people might be put off by the tech and think you're a loon, but I'd mention that you can also make the joints far less risky with a dry herb vape.

  10. I swapped out my Ambien for hemp flowers (I'm in a non legal state), and so far it's working. Great video!

  11. This is such an important and informative message! Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom

  12. I'm a firm believer that opiates and opioids have legitimate medical use, but something like that isn't for long term use. Cannabis is such an amazing pain reliever, and gives so many people a life they wouldn't get normally. I'm a medical patient myself, and it's helped me gain weight, sleep, eat, calm down, and start the day, and it's also helped me get off medications and stay off new ones. Choose life.

  13. This may save someone’s life. You’re doing the lords work. Thank you 🙏

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