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Ontario Outdoor Cannabis Grow Update Monster Plants!

Just an update. Tree fell on a few plants. Damn 120km winds. Found a better way to do vids, better quality coming soon.

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  1. Last comment I praised your grow spot…I still do! Mother nature took a bit but left you a great bunch. Use covers for the late bloomers. It's only for half the time.

  2. Opinions or Advice?

    Seems the bigger the pot size the bigger the plant gets going by this video series and from what he has said (I believe). I’m thinking to do bout 20 gallon fabric bags. Black for heat retention (good bad?) and cuz I gotta move them potentially if landlord shows up (unlikely).

  3. Lol everyone showlin there garden always say the same thing in the same pitch lmfao

  4. Do you use all autos? Curious to how it works for outdoors since we never get a true 12 hours of darkness

  5. Probably the same storm that flipped my green house lost 4 saved 8 gotta love that north Ontario weather

  6. Would you suggest all Fem? And do you recommend Big Bud, Miracle grow or anything like that?

  7. I've heard purple kush and White widow are harder to grow outdoors. Heard good things for indoor though

  8. Excellent cannabis farming skills! This is definately your forte.

  9. What u mean haven't had a frost Mattawa got snow a week or more ago brother

  10. There ya goes. They packing up.nice n starting finish up with the colder weather. Love the colors man

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