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Oklahoma Legalizes Marijuana | Schumer's Bill | NY Cannabis |

Starting off with some politics. On Wednesday yet another bill to legalize cannabis nationally . This time the bill is sponsored was introduced to Congress, this …

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  1. We the people of Oklahoma have spoken! For the first time in my life I proud to be an Okie. 😁

  2. It was a decriminalization bill and it still allows states to crack down while giving them permission to use federal resources to do so. It also imposes a federal tax on legal cannabis on top of they already outrageous state tax. In my opinion it’s a ploy to get votes.

  3. I think cannabis should be legalized completely for the reason of if it were then people could just grow there own weed we would see a near complete eradication of trafficking let's be honest dealing with anyone in the idea of illegal substances is weird and I wasn't born during prohibition but I imagine it was the same back then for those who don't have the time or feel like growing there own plant sure the government can market it in the sales like they do in tobacco but at least the power would be in the hands of the people on whether or not they feel they'd rather grow there own pot also I feel that people would like to take a look at the ramifications of well how do I take into consideration of well how do I know one person isn't growing 600 plants and looking to traffick all that weed to that I would say if anyone could grow and consume there own weed or just buy it at a store with a reasonable price legally why would anyone be inclined to deal on the streets effectively if you had 200-300 pounds or more it would seem like it would be more of a cool story bro type thing and if you ever got caught transporting it to another country or province where it is illegal sure… you knew you were in the process of somethics verrryyyy illegal

  4. these greedy fucks are starting to smell the money its just a matter of time now

  5. I heard that if you get a medical marijuana license, you can not own a firearm. Is that true?

  6. As a okie I’m happy Happy it passed 🇺🇸🍕🍺🛏👍

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