How Marijuana Works

Nullification Works and They Know it, Marijuana and NSA Edition: Good Morning Liberty 01-30-19

Thirty-three states have effectively nullified federal marijuana laws. U.S. Attorney General nominee William Barr said so during his confirmation hearing when he …

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  1. no fan of pot, but believe legalization is inevitable. question, what does legalization do to the drug trade oveall?

  2. They're busting black grows all over CO now. In high dollar homes. Many stores shut for selling over the limit, in prison for a year. Chinese were in my town north of Denver and another town growing for the east coast. It's a joke. Then the drug testing to call you a DUI for fines when one isn't stoned yet it stays in the system unlike heroin, meth, cocaine and alcohol. A joke on the people.

  3. Come on alabama would rather trust the population on marijuana than pills and alchol help our state find peace

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