Marijuana Medical Benefits

Now that it's legal… What's it mean for truckers?

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  1. I don't see the variation, I lived in Manitoba before living here in Ontario, I would say there are just as many pot smoking people in Winnipeg as Toronto proportionally. Of course Toronto is far, far larger, but its much the same here in Ontario. The key is to not live in an apartment with shared AC/heat systems. If you're in a city and you're in apartments, you need to get a unit that has separate air systems. I was all for legalization, but only from the standpoint that I think its better to have an honest trade where the tax revenues come in rather than an illicit trade where drug sellers get the cash. I don't personally smoke, and I see no need to. Any time I tried in my youth my head just felt like a lot of pressure, it wasn't relaxing to me.

  2. iv been a trucker in Canada for over 30 years & never once have I been to the USA ,trucking companies have a mouth swab test for marijuana, itll go back 24 hours ,so as long as u havent smoked weed in the last 24 hours ,u will pass ,that's how it's done nowadays ,u can smoke weed, on u r days off ,just dont do it ,for at least 24 hours b4 u start u r shift

  3. I know I'm late to the party. But I dont want to be led astray and/or misinformed due to a comment during the live stream. Please do not be misinformed by click bait titles for vaping research results. Electronic cigarettes are proven by leading researchers to be at least 95% healthier than traditional tobacco use. Misinformation can steer people away from a less harmful product that could help them when other products have failed for them.

  4. I know a lifelong pot smoker. He is 60 now & will sit in a chair sipping oxygen while replaying Yellow by Coldplay over & over .

  5. The only reason they legalised it was to enforce more control over everything you do. F legalization.

  6. 4/20 weed friendly. Smoke Canadian weed every day. Didn't see your live chat, was working. Who in the heck smokes and drives. No offense but you and Canada have a lot to learn about weed legalization.

  7. Only about just over two million Canadians smoke pot according statistics , we are over 35 million , so let's not get excited , do not have it on you if you go to the USA , or you will get nailed ,

  8. Josh, love all your videos, and always learn something from all of them. Never been a truck driver, but watch many truck driver videos, and find them very interesting. Tried pot twice in my 20's and made me very sick, never again. I am 70 now and figure to each his own, not against it but not for it either. Love your videos when driving with diesel. Stay safe out there Josh. Art from Racine, WI

  9. I draw the line at Man made drugs like Cocaine( Yeah i know its a plant but diesel fuel they use to make it is not) as well as hallucinegenics like mushrooms or acid or something.

  10. Josh sorry missed your live stream. But I was driving and did not know where going go live as you said that the beginning of this video lol. Hammer Down and keep it in the lines.

  11. Legalize pot and ban a person from smoking a cigarette in his own car. That's logic Canada.

  12. My cousin was in a poker game where a couple of guys were smoking a joint. He had a test 2 days later. Came up positive . Lucky for him safety said go out on the road for 2 weeks. He came back and tested negative.

  13. Safer than sorry, right! Your a smart guy. Hahaha Kamlooos made headline news because we have the first government owned pot shop.

  14. I hope you are both well and thank you for all the fantastic videos i do like the live stream videos and think you should do more cheers sean🤓

  15. So it all depends on the way you are being tested. Saliva tests usually only detect THC >72hrs, while urine is much longer. Maybe a urine test when you first start, then periodic saliva tests. If you know you have a test on Tuesday, you wont be smoking that weekend… Just my .02

  16. Trucker Josh! All the taxes on Canada's legalization of marijuana should go to road
    repair and call the program, "Operation POT HOLES"

  17. Yes a meet up in Langley or Surrey will be a great spot.when I hear that you are coming out this way.i get your videos a week late

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