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No jail time for small amounts of marijuana? Texas House moves closer

The Texas House of Representatives voted to give preliminary approval to a bill that will reduce criminal penalties for Texans who have small amounts of …

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  1. We all know douchebag Dan Patrick will now spend the rest of his term fighting against the rights of Texans to live their lives as they see fit. Even church ladies in Abilene want marijuana decriminalized. It’s a good first step, but Dan Patrick would rather believe in reefer madness then allow Texas Veterans and cancer patients access to alternative treatments and therapy. It’s like the guy loves seeing cartels profit from selling dirt weed and would rather allow criminals to profit while robbing dollars out of the pockets of the people of the great state of Texas.

    Patrick needs to go.

  2. CPS will still be notified to take your kids. Parents will still move to avoid losing children. Colorado CPS don't remove kids from homes for marijuana, because it is legal. I met so many Texans in Colorado with kids.

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