New Texas hemp and CBD law could snuff out marijuana prosecutions

Under old laws, potency didn’t matter. Now that hemp is legal, it does matter…and hundreds of marijuana cases have already been dismissed under the new law …

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  1. Reporter: Whether it was good weed or bad weed didn't really matter.

    Dude high asf(look at his eyes reddish pinkish): didn't really matter correct.

  2. I'll test it…won't charge texas a dime. Have it delivered at my personal testing laboratory

  3. Then those tyrants should also consider erasing prior criminal convictions relating to this new law.

  4. [email protected] Montgomery County. What a bunch of vindictive jerks. They couldn't let some guys catch a break, no they use the money they could be spending on fixing the damn roads in Porter on making sure none of these dudes get off without being punished and branded with a criminal history on their record. No no no Can't let somebody catch a break man no not in Montgomery County they're more concerned about the punishment they want to make sure everybody's kept down. Kind of funny since most of their cops are Crooks anyway. Yeah said too much. My name is Randy I live in Kentucky.

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