Marijuana Medical Benefits

New Rules Hit Medicinal Pot Users High Prices, Limited Products

In an odd twist, the new laws that govern recreational pot use is hurting people who need marijuana to survive. John Ramos talked to a medical cannabis store …

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  2. nobody saw corporate weed and big pharma coming??? we are blind af as a society
    * and yeah KPIX it's the stigma not greed. gtfo

  3. Wait… Why won't it be available to those who need it medically? Just because it's recreational, doesn't mean you can't buy it… Does it? I'm medical, never thought it matterd.

  4. What the State has done is criminal, they're playing around with this & they have no right regulating cannabis at all.
    I don't need permission from anyone

  5. I just went to a dispensary in Portland…. they give Medical patients a discount over recreational users

  6. Just hit up the homie who’s been doing it since the hyphy movement, yaddada mean. They out there. .

  7. Look up whos buying up businesses that are struggling left and right and you'll understand whats going this is just like back in the day when the they paid you pennies on the dollar for land they wanted to redevelop they bleed you out until you have no choice but to sell or go out of business they buy cheap and sell high as soon as they control a majority portion of the market regulation and taxes will come down

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