New Marijuana Legislation Focused on Conflict Between Federal and State Law, Sen. Gardner Says

Apr.09 — Senator Cory Gardner, a member of the foreign relations committee and a Republican from Colorado, discusses new marijuana legislation and the …

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  1. There will always be excuses stop hiding behind crap excuses and do what is right majority of Americans want cannabis legalized and the federal government doesn't give a s..t what the American people want there is not one good reason a legitimate reason marijuana is not legal the war on drugs started in the 30s by a man who didn't know anything about marijuana except black people and brown people smoked it guess what white people smoked it back then too and we still do end the failed war on drugs let America reap the benefits.

  2. Make it country wide legal already…the prohibition of it in the first place was criminal and racist

  3. Do not rush on this. First decriminalize marjiuana and other drugs and charge a penalty, community service,etc in the national law After that then make a law stating that the controlled substances act does not apply in states that have legalized drugs( in this case, marijuana). Then eventually decriminalize all the other drugs( only possession, but if it's the sale or trafficking of drug then heavy fines, community service can be imposed on drug dealer. Then if the nation wants to take that path, legalize it in the next decade or so

  4. People. Take a constitutional law class. This is a good idea, and essential for prohibition to end.

  5. Legalize Recreational Cannabis in all 50 States for adults 21 and older.

  6. Gardner is sold for profit and must be replaced. I believe in state rights to cannabis, but beware the problems you will have if a spoiled rotten grand-git of a beer empire moves into your town to exploit it for Pure Greed as ABV Cannabis Co. has done in Salida on a contaminated superfund site plagued with dust storms. Now ontop of the disturbed soil we get ridiculous light pollution and a smell that offends many. The worst thing they have done is cause 24/7 low frequency vibration that has stolen our right to enjoy our own home. This painful vibration never stops, only increases in intensity when the denying Mile High Green Cross V3 Oil grow turns on their lights or we have a cold night. We have not had peace for a minute since Jan. 1. If you complain about their noise, they deny and attack with lawyers. Boycott irresponsibly grown cannabis by big money destroying our environment for pure greed. If you vote for the pot in your state, make sure their are rules in place to prevent your county from selling you out for profit and destroying your neighborhood as our corrupt Chaffee county has done. Avoid Chaffee county, Salida and Anheuser-Busch heir's greed weed.

  7. This is stupid carving a State out is not the answer,.. There needs to be an end to Federal Prohibition of cannabis.

  8. cash is King especially when the government don't know how much you really have

  9. 'we don't want to do the heavy lifting or face any potential blow-back…but we'll take the money'…lol. right.

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