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My plants and plans for this year – Growing Cannabis Outdoor 2019

What’s up gromies, recorded this vid just as the sun popped out again after a day of rain and just showing some of the first examples of this low stress training …

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  1. Hell yeh ducth love ya swagg much love from cali …we need talk bout tradeing some strains

  2. Ran across your videos just subscribed plants look happy 👌check out my Chanel let’s spread the grow love 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  3. Nice little tip bro where you pull the main stem across to let the smaller lower stems gain sunlight and strength. Peace and light bro.

  4. Cool man. I am actually growing a plant from a seedbank in Barcelona. And please dont toss that little mutant plant lets see what she becomes! I will definitely be following your grow this year please keep up with the vids. I am very curious to see how the LST you did on your plants will turn out looking like, i never train the main stock but would love to see what happens. Happy growing Dutch

  5. cutting down an olive tree is real shit move to do… Location looks better way than "Kali's ". Bravo for the project !

  6. Nicee Healtyy Plants Mate 💪✌ Check my first Video from my Plants uploaded today 😎✌

  7. Just subbed!! Nice looking girls!! Thanks for sharing!!! Looking forward to your grow videos and updates!!! 🇺🇸💨🇺🇸

  8. Im your 230 sub plants looking amazing great job my friend I'm loving it can't wait to see those get big and start putting buds don't forget to check me out as well bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

  9. Try fence post foam. Comes in a small bag and is less hassle. Expands in seconds

  10. Dutch! 🍻
    Awesome sunroom, birds singin.. ✌
    Nice LST man, like how your opening up insides like that opposite sun 😉

    Braincake 👊💨

  11. It's going to be badass once you finish setting up that garden. Can't wait to see it. Grower's Luv and happy growing!

  12. Cheers the girls are cute. That amnesia haze looks strange but keep her going you never know 🔥.
    I have a bubblegum started too.
    ✌ and growers 💘.

  13. very nice brother the outside Gardens going to be nice amazing can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done if you go live on 4/20 I'll check you out bro bless up mad respect Growers Luv

  14. Very nice I'm blazing one with you happy growing I'll show up if you have a live if it's at a time I can be there

  15. What you going to do with the brick planter that's there I'd be using that as a composter / worm garden be great for when you go no til. I hope Ajax win the CL now and my Dutch team is Feyenoord live in Rotterdam for nearly 6 years love Holland would move back in a heartbeat

  16. Very cool mutant plant! It looks like it was crossed with a Venice Fly Flytrap!! 👍🍁💚💨☕

  17. ❤️ nice bro .. iam excited to see your garden after preparing everything 🙂

  18. Lol, I am doing hack and slash training on that mother bush I am flowering out today. Indica, sativa, I don;t care as long as it is weedica.

  19. can't wait to see that garden growing. lil gals look sweet. stay stoned bud.

  20. Nice name change !! Smoke it up !! Plants are looking te good nice growth.. healthy !!

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