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My FAVORITE Cartridges and Batteries!

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  1. Hmu if you need carts from Cali! 📦✈📭📫 4422721732 Roves Heavy Hitters Stiiizys Plug N plays Moonrock Clear Brass Knuckles Kingpens & More!

  2. My experience with blue dream is that it's a great cart strain but mid weed. Love the glasses, have the same ones. AZ gang smokin fat!

  3. You just don’t know where to get replacement Stizzy parts ! There are suppliers on line

  4. Looking for cartridges oils wax add Snapchat smokeplg or 📞 (720) 319-8658

  5. Hey Erick!! Just want to saw you one of chillest fucken you tuber 👌 this was the first vid I saw of you and since then I’ve up to date with your vids, keep making awesome vids bro 👌

  6. i’ve been watching your videos and i just got into like smoking but i smoked with my friend like a moonrock one it was blue and it was the best feeling ever bro and idk i been watching your videos your really cool you prolly not gone see this but i fw you heavy i need tips on what to buy also to feel the best n chill n also i’m 17 but who gives a fuck and also your cool asf bro bro be safe all that cool shit aight i’m out 🖤

  7. i have a $10 pen battery that i got from a gas station and it’s still kicking after 5 months of heavy use 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Bro best shit I had so far. I have been smoking all different brand but tht one of the top for me

  9. Rita but what pen is this? I just got really into pens lately I miss smoking the flower bud buuuhhh the pens are more discreet andkeep me medicated longer and are pretty much odorless, I have A Plume pen anda Stiiizy and boiiii does the Plume hit harder than yhr Stiiizy no KAP !

  10. Hey! I'm a chronically ill person, waaaaaaay over 18. I just wanted to say thank you for posting a video that even old people like me can understand! You taught me everything I need to know, son. Thanks a bunch!

  11. What type of battery are the ones in the thumbnail I’m trying to get one of those battery

  12. love that brand of carts it was my first and best experience with carts!!!!

  13. Dr zodiak needs to slide his way to Oklahoma its medical and a open market 😓😓

  14. If the bubble doesn’t move I heard they our chemical thickeners but what do I know 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. Yooo I have that battery the palm is lit and the battery life is insane I got it on half charge and it lasted me a week before it died with constant use

  16. "before we get to that, this video is sponsored by My GoD dAmN sElF"
    omg i laughed so hard 😂😂

  17. East coast must be struggling cause I have yet to have a bad cartridge on the west coast

  18. Bro I get high as fuck watching your vids and thank you for introducing me to Dr. Z his shit is fucking fire! 🔥 so far I’ve tried the main Lionheart, Silverback etc. but noticed they were regular strains in carts such as cookies, Jack Herer, etc. You should do a review on these bro! Stay lit 🔥🤘🏽

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