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Montel Williams Discusses His Fight With MS

Former TV host Montel Williams stops by the KCAL9 studio to talk about his battle with multiple sclerosis.

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  1. Absolutely inspiring message! Love this man..been a fan since I can remember! Many blessings to you Mr. Williams and your family!๐Ÿ’ฏ

  2. Wowwww!! Sooo inspirational for ppl diagnosed with this disease. Genes do play a part but most of it is what you do or dont do.

  3. montel ,you look Incredible…as someone who watched your show ages ago, you have hardly aged in all this time… an example good living and walking the talk

  4. Id be rather afraid of this diet as my arteries are already a little clogged and i can't seem to shift weight,3yrs ago a size 12 now an 18. Makes me miserable,am trying to lose it but i have another condition that makes exercise not feasible most days. I eat very healthy mostly. All these differring ideas on how to lose weight and be healthy just get more confusing. On a different note it's great to see Montel looking well.

  5. I love Montel, I have my own painful chronic illness,25 yrs. But he has access to so many more things the ordinary person can't get or do. He must have great insurance doctors who LISTEN to him and WORK WITH HIM. He also if insurance don't pay has money to pay for what he needs. He has power from his fame and connections we don't have that enable him to do well. So please those that don't like me, don't get discouraged. Keep the faith, keep reading and experimenting with different things like diet, meditation, prayer, maintain friendships etc. Than maybe we can all get to feel near as good as him.

  6. Listen to her, Diet, excersise and marijuana. and yes the doctors are not god. Atta boy Montel. You are an inspiration

  7. He should really hook up with Dr. Terry Wahls. She uses keto, but she does a different style of it that focuses on maximizing micronutrients. Studies are being done on her version of keto and it is astounding what it is doing for MS patients.

  8. 4:27 he might grab some nuts, maybe some sausage, maybe some beef stroganoff, you never really know

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