How Marijuana Works

Missouri Medical Marijuana Update January 20, 2019

Missouri Medical Marijuana Update for January 20, 2019. Legislative update – two bills pending to expunge certain marijuana convictions. Answers to frequently …

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  1. If you get more than 1 doctors recommendation on different diagnoses that both qualify for mmj card does you plant count go up

  2. Once given a caregiver identification how much is the monthly dry/wet you will be allowed and also anything over that can I donate for a donation to any other medical card holder, and will we be able to be compensated for being a caregiver from patients if not than in the form of a donation for a non profit where you have to spend all on the non profit sorry for the multiple questions thanks for the continued updates

  3. Thanks for this, great little informative video and much appreciated for the layman who doesn't follow all this very closely!

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