Missouri Medical Marijuana Update for April 26, 2019

Missouri Medical Marijuana Update for April 26, 2019. A study from University of Missouri on the Market conditions for Medical Marijuana seems to predict the …

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  1. How To Get The Medical Cannabis License In Missouri!

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    Steps to Get a Missouri Medical Cannabis Card:

    📌 Get a Call From One Our Missouri Doctors

    📌 Get Qualified For a Medical Cannabis Card On The Phone

    📌 Get Your Certified Letter From The Doctor via Email

    📌 Apply Online To Missouri State For Your Cannabis Card

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    All Doctors Are Licensed in Missouri to Practice. We Do Not Promise If You Will Get The Card or Qualify. Please Check The Qualification List Before Applying.

  2. Great update. We like METRC. We use METRC in Colorado. We have a 6000sf Dispensary/Grow, 1300 plants. in 2018, we spent $3300 on METRC Rfid tags. That is about $0.03 per gram, or $2.50/plant. We don't' use the RFID technology, but it serves as an official identification tag. We dont' even have an RFID reader. It is for regulators to verify plant counts in grow facilities. In 10 years, RFID technology has never been used at our facility, but is in place should there be a problem. If there was a violation on the license, a regulator would be able to visit a grow and quickly identify the number of plants in a facility to ensure no diversion takes place.

  3. Thanks for the update, I'm glad that we have you here in Missouri keeping fellow Missourians up to date on the laws, 💯

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