Michigan becomes first state in Midwest to allow recreational pot

In a new law that took effect Thursday, Michigan is now the first Midwestern state to legally allow recreational marijuana. It’s the 10th state to legalize recreational …

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  1. It's sad when the fate of our nation is in the hands of chronic inebriates who don't see the absurdity of their situation: "Needing" to imbibe a dangerous controlled substance "to be happy," "to feel good," "to deal with problems" or "to get through another day." Some of us are still able (and prefer) to do those things ourselves. Murders are rampant in Chicago, New York & Detroit but it would be a mistake to "decriminalize" homicide "because everyone's doing it." Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is right, even if nobody is doing it. Thanks to the left, our young people have zero internal moral compass; they do/think whatever Hollywood says is "cool." Sadly, they don't question the source or the ulterior motive—and we're all paying the price for it.

  2. Do you really think it's just a coincidence that the wave of states allowing more and more marijuana use in various contexts is occurring along with the opioid epidemic, which is not only the worst drug epidemic in American history but consists specifically of other downers? Every death is blood on the hands of liberals and pot dealers, legal or otherwise.

  3. Marijuana use almost always leads to harder drugs. When physical tolerance develops, when people whose primary goal in life is to get high instead get bored with marijuana, when they have impaired judgment and they are surrounded by other people of low character, the next step is typically toward some stronger downer, such as opioids.

  4. Let's criticize pot, not zionist companies stealing resources. Yeah that'll be EXACTLY what people want to hear. Can't be telling people the truth out here.

  5. I dont get why they tell us its legal…When it first passed they said you can legally get it if you get it free since we have no dispensary yet… Now they arrest people for giving free pot. Arrest you for buying it and transport and they arrest you for it being in your system while driving…. Makes no sense.

  6. Funny thing is they say its legal but they are finding any and every loophole to still arrest you for it

  7. The answer to their concern is the federal law overturning the cannabis plant as a schedule 1 substance into a regulated substance like tobacco or alcohol everyone who sells marijuana on the black market would be forced 2 not be able to sell it by the government

  8. The states worried it cant give tickets and jail time to low level offenders. Going to have to find your money another way

  9. "A ticket or a fine"…he must have never heard of minorities huh.😐

  10. I live in michigan and have used pot for 25 years finally I won't have to buy it from some low life.

  11. do you worry about how many cases of beer are sitting in a guys den ?? nope didn't think so so why do you think you should be able to limit weed

  12. I don't think I need to carry 2.5oz of marijuana. But if you wanna tempt getting jacked for 2.5oz, go ahead then.

  13. Marijuana kills! My uncle shot up an entire marijuana plant and fried his brain like an egg!

  14. I’m from Ann Arbor Michigan and I’m telling y’all, DO not listen to this stupidity! They want you to let your guard down so they can turn around and change the conditions of it all like they do every other month and then arrest you and/or rob you of your marijuana and then never go through with charges. I was robbed of my medical marijuana after showing my MMM card and my paperwork from the doct to the police officer..
    that was not good enough for him and I was robbed of my medication. I had well below the amount that I am legally allowed to have because of a legitimate medical purpose. This is nuts. Can’t believe this is still happening in 2019. So sad..

  15. Just a ticket ha maybe in Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor but not in Ottawa county or Wyoming,MI I had a buddy spend a year in jail for a joint 2 years ago

  16. Wtf. The voters spoke and said legalize it now not 2 years later. Their just holding up the licensing because they want to stall what voters wanted.

  17. Get your cartsbuds from a plug I just met. His flavors are real damn good and he's damn legit too..I ordered stuffs and got them at my door step real him @mark_taylor001

  18. It will be interesting to see how the police react to legalization of recreational use in Michigan. Lots of people here think it is now a free for all. One of the main problems is how the police determine if someone is over a legal limit to drive. Right now they are saying if one has 12 nanograms in the system they can be arrested (thats smoking a joint days before and it stays in your system for weeks), car impounded and charge one with D.U.I.. They are already arresting people with the cotton swab and blood tests. If a police officer has any reason to suspect one is under the influence, which can be anything at all, then they can make one take a swab test or detain the person, handcuff, transport to station and have the driver submit to a blood test. Even if one is not under the influence it takes time for all of that. Probable cause can be literally anything, like red eyes even if there is no smell of it in the vehicle. Because this is brand new in the State there will be a period of more people getting tested and pulled over so they can use their testing kits. I personally think the medical marijuana card was fine. There are plenty of Doctors to choose from. It costs very little. Now it is a free for all for the cops to do what they want.

  19. Sorry but Michigan will never be the cannabis capital of the world unless they can change the weather and economy. There is no climate for outdoor cannabis growing and the economy is far too depressed, just look at all the empty car factories and massive empty neighborhoods..
    Also say goodbye to your quality because when you have corporate control of cannabis it's always quantity over quality.
    Everyone wants to be the best but there is no outdoing a state with 22 years of legal cultivation the best climate in earth for growing and the 2nd largest economy in the world. Sorry Michigan it's never going to happen.california has and always will be the apex of cannabis innovation.dont think so then anwser this question. Why is every legal state in the USA best selling strains are California imports? Second question why do they call top shelf weed in the netherlands Cali bud and Michigan never gets mentioned anywhere outside of Michigan and only Michigan people rave about their weed but always pull up Cali as competition using some bootleg Michigan grown Cali strain as an example? The anwser is Michigan is not an agricultural state and has a very small depressed economy..
    Sorry but the truth can't be swayed by opinions when the lab results just don't show Michigan as a leader of cannabis anything.

  20. How can someone get a plat for recreational use legally while theres no where in the state for them legally buy it??? This seems to only benefit the black market.

  21. 2:00 "Hey, weed legal, lets so steal some instead of growing our own" only lazy people will say this.

  22. @0:48 you see the exact moment she smells that Cali OG Kush, falls in love and immediately wants to roll up and smoke a blunt. 🍇

  23. Idiots still grasping for any reason to still label people criminals. All of these privatized prisons will have lobbyist stepping up the fight in all other states.

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