How Marijuana Works


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  1. I just wish the state I live in would okay it for medical at the least. I have multiple anxiety disorders, panic disorder, PTSD, and as a result; blood pressure issues. I would much rather take a natural approach than chemical medications but, my state hasn't okayed it like literally every state around us has so; until then I am stuck with man-made meds.

  2. Hi guys, thank you for the video, can you name the cannabis strain, and in case if it's Indica or Sativa? (even we know the difference is only about the terpens quantity), myrcene for example which is most popular in the strains called '' Indica'', cheers from Sardinia 🙂

  3. People over rate the use of marijuana. It is not proven to help certain things. That is hyperbole.I think it should be legal, but there’s also a lot of BS about it

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