Marijuana Medical Benefits

Medical Marijuana Facts

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  1. Does medical marijuana remind anyone of aloe Vera? Also, morphine is way more effective.

  2. In this case I became depressed and I got cancer where is my weed

  3. Stop with the propaganda to enforce drugs. Marijuana, like many other lethal and useless drugs, may lead to even more lethal drugs and radical addiction

  4. These days looks like cancer and schizophrenia cases are increased. ( just only to justify to get stoned lol )

  5. I only wish they'd make it legal in the UK for people with chronic pain & other pain-related illnesses/conditions. I have too many issues to count & I'm already growing immune to even the strongest pain-relief on offer (heck, even local anaesthetic & epidural has no effect on me). I suffer so much pain that I've spent almost every day of the past 4 years (at least) in an "at-home" hospital bed inside my bedroom; & I hardly ever get to go out, unless it's for a hospital appointment. Those damn MPs should get things in motion & make it legal for people suffering like this; because this is no way for someone to live! If it helps better a person's quality of life; surely it's worth fixing it so that we CAN use medicinal cannabis/marijuana to help people LIVE their lives (instead of wishing they could just end it)?? They need to get off their asses & do something; as they're just being petty by making it "illegal", when it's been proven to be a much less harmful & beneficial drug! SMH… 😑

  6. The money that tax payers are contributing to the so called marijuana epidemic is criminal. We should focus on the real problems of our society like Meth, Crack, pain pills and many more drugs that are killing off our nations.

  7. Why does BuzzFeed never mention Tourette Syndrome when talking about marijuana

  8. What is with buzzfeed and the weed!? I most only watch buzzfeed unsolved it is unique and it should be its own channel.

  9. I'm mad lmao I just wrote a research paper on this for my English class that basically just went into detail about everything they talked about and one of the sources was supposed to be a YouTube video rip

  10. I have asthma and honestly I would trust medical marijuana, something natural rather than what’s in my inhaler.

  11. I'm fine with medical marijuana. I just hope that casual users all get a bad batch and get ill.

  12. I dont see the problem with weed if you make it completely legal drugcrime will be reduced.

  13. Y’all are just potheads looking for an excuse to do it… (smh). It should only be used when u actually have a disease..

  14. I’m fortunate to have access to this MEDICATION to help me tolerate pain for post operative brain surgeries, of which I’ve had more than 30+. I have a plethora of chronic pain conditions successfully treated with the chemicals in MEDICINAL marijuana. I’ve seen how this effects people who smoke marijuana, and inhale it’s vapors, which is why I ingest my medication through edibles, rather than inhaling it. I use this instead of using opioids, which, while effective, mess with my digestive system horribly. I had opioids while inpatient post-op that had terrible effects on my digestive system. Thank god for the medicinal use of this product.

  15. It doesn't helps for glaucoma. Glaucoma is when your inner eye pressure is too high and is dammaging the eye nerve. This can lead to blindness. Smoking marihuana makes this eye pressure go down, but it is not for a long time. When you stop smoking the eye pressure will go up again after. So it will not help against glaucoma or even prefent it.

  16. I see patients who tell me that they have gotten off of their opioids COMPLETELY because of cannabis. I've had patients tell me they no longer use their bipolar medication because of cannabis. I lost my mother when I was 21, she was a single mother and I an only child so she was my complete support system. My world crashed when she passed, because of cannabis I have never needed depression or anxiety medication and my therapist approves!❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for making this video BuzzFeed!

  17. one big use this video didnt mention is its use for helping people recover from eating disorders, especially anorexia

  18. I hate that buzz feed provides no sources in their description or anywhere

  19. I would much rather see people smoking pot than meth or anything else. Pot never hurt anyone it helps all sorts of probl. I think the law should concentrate on other drugs and leave pot alone.

  20. 1:33 people have been smoking weed for hundreds/thousands of years but yea we need to do more research

  21. oooooo fam not the best to use medical marijuana for depression and anxiety. That's how you grow a dependence.

  22. why does it only say that marijuana has side effects but doesnt say what the side affects are?

  23. Even though sort term Cannabis can help with psychosis, in the long run it can cause issues for those suffering from it.

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