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Medical Marijuana And Cannabis Culture In Thailand

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  1. Great video thanks for sharing. I have actually just uploaded my own video about this subject on my YouTube Channel 'Rob Howard Live Free' please feel free to check it out
    NZ has a Cannabis Referendum in 2020, so the more people who become educated from videos like yours – the better!
    LIVE FREE Everyone 🙂

  2. I'm quite interested in the hip hop scene there… can you make any recommendations as to how to keep up with it?

  3. I have a couple of face tattoos. Would I be unwelcome as a potential English teacher in a small language setting?

  4. I had heard before moving to Thailand ganja was illegal and a person could get thrown in prison. I don't use it, but at times I've smelled it being smoked while here and would generally leave the area.

  5. That's quite interesting considering all the mixed feelings about drugs Thai people have. This is quite a big step.

  6. not only should it be legalized Globally..but should be decriminalized…COMPLETE FREE MARKET.
    too bad the fascist governments and their corporate friends have other ideas

  7. Interesting topic! Love the story about the cows – that is really a different perspective on the plant.

  8. I had no idea they were about to legalize it here. Well, for medical purposes, but that is a good place to start.
    I'm not a fan of drug abuse and it's negative effects, but I believe that Thailand would be a better place if it legalized cannabis completely. There's so many stories of tourists being tricked, deported, imprisoned and fined because of cannabis, and although it's mostly their fault for being naive in a country with strict drug-laws, removing this aspect of Thailand completely would make it feel like a safer place for so many travelers and locals.
    Loved the story about the cow-farmer. If I met someone in Europe carrying a whole bunch of cannabis, and they said it's purpose was to feed the cow.. I would ponder "how much of that weed did they smoke before they came to that conclusion?" Very interesting video.

  9. Fuck weed. Thailand brought the world kratom. A plant that is helping millions of opiates addicts fix their lives. Why not make a vid about that?

  10. I don't really have much of anything to say on the subject, but I had heard prior to going to Thailand that most Thais have a strongly negative view of marijuana. This wasn't exactly my experience there, though. I was at koh larn and my fiancee and I met a young Thai couple around our age (I'm American, my fiancee is Thai) and one of the first things I was asked was if I smoke weed at home and if I wanted to smoke weed with them. I found this a bit strange since they were so open about it in public, which is something I haven't even experienced in America. I'm not certain what my fiancee thinks of it, but I think that she has a somewhat negative view of smoking it, at the least.

  11. alcohol is one of the worst substances to Thai society. But YaaBaa and YaaIce is a real demon for sure

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