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Massachusetts BANS CBD in Food? – (WWB #4)

Back again with another week of cannabis news! We cover everything from Mass banning CBD in food, to the police in the U.K. finding an old grow in a police …

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  1. Okay so this Cbd law thing all comes down to money and taxation and really has nothing to do with the government's perception of what's healthy for us.
    CBD being sold in food products is bad because people are charging ridiculous prices and aren't necessarily providing quality Cbd. In addition to that as much as we all want the scientific proof to exist it doesn't because it's still federally illegal so until we can somehow get the hemp,Cbd, thc to be tested things would be different but that doesn't change that businesses are taking advantage of people who want access to cbd

  2. Awesome you are posting. YouTube took my channel down and I am having trouble motivating myself to post. I had over 200 videos disappear up in smoke if you will

  3. Massachusetts did this as no other reason than to grab money and monopolize the industry. They don't care about the people. Period. Anything else is nieve. Use Boston Hempire

  4. I’ve lived in the very middle of Illinois for literally my entire life. The s is silent at the end, unless you’re from out of state you don’t say the s

  5. Blame us candians eh Josh haha and much love man we miss youre content alot glad youre back !

  6. man welcome back, you started this whole thing and should keep your place at the table

  7. Fuck yeahhhhhhh! Epic to see you Josh. Nevermind 10hp, you were definitely 1hp'd there mate

  8. duuuude! i remember watching these my sophomore year of high school 😂😂 glad your back

  9. One thing about Illinois that I don't know how tied to rec it is, but medical prices have gone and stayed UP over the past year. That's pretty disheartening. Some things are almost DOUBLE what they were just last year ($35-40 –> $60 eighths). That adds up. Plus there are less and more costly bulk options than before. Not sure what's causing it, but the promise of rec has certifiably not helped med prices yet. I'm worried they'll go up even more as the demand grows. Beats going to jail, but really sucks who use it medicinally.

  10. Aye man glad u back take all the time u need ✌🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👌🏻

  11. Dumb cbd doesn’t even get u high y they do it sooooo dumb 😫😫😫😫😫

  12. Yes, the FDA is now regulating hemp, but they are being sneaky and placed it under "cosmetics" category and guidelines so that's why food products are still illegal.

  13. Omg Josh thank u for correcting how u pronounced Illinois. I live in Illinois and it drives us crazy when people mispronounce Illinois. Yes the S is silent. Much love and keep smoking my dude.

  14. Applaud Illinois all you want. They are forcing people to pay that tax. Home growing isn't an option for regular adults. Only people who have a med card have a chance to grow 6 plants.

    Honestly a crock of shit policy they passed.

  15. I'm drugging with coffee bois, started my T-break today, also fixing up my relationship with nicotine 🙂 cheers!

  16. In CO you can carry 8g of extracts and I’ve been following your IG for so long and finally made it over to YouTube 🤘 glad you got your channel back

  17. Man I been waiting awhile for a new video , turns out YouTube unsubbed me to your channel wtf lol

  18. fuck you… derr il be smoking along with you derrrp.. o wait i smoked with coffee derrp……fuck cbd it fucks up your gut due to the cheap way they make it.

  19. I'm from Wisconsin (Illinois's northern neighbor) and I've always heard "Illinois" with a silent S 🤔

  20. i am in illinoise and jan. 1st, you will be able to grow only 4 plants and only if you have a medical card and i heard, that in washington state, where pot is now legal, no one is allowed to grow anything, which is against god, cause god gave us this plant, the bastards……that they are…..!
    and, totally excellent video, so glad you are back, and you have gained some weight, more of you to enjoy !
    it had to be cops growing that in the uk, too funny man, cheers!

  21. If Mass. banned cbd in food why are they still allowed to sell it as cbd edible brownies and cookies?

  22. The craziest thing has started to happen with brick weed. Now it's usually fluffy and has very few seeds. It's amazing to see the cartels adapt to the new market. Amazing from a business standpoint.

  23. Hey Josh just so you know if you come to mass come to Rhode island too. We recognize out of state. I work at one of our dispensary and I'd love to help you try our bud.

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