How Marijuana Works

Marijuana Withdrawal | What Relieved Symptoms For Me

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  1. chamomile, mint, and hibiscus teas were helpfull to me. I would have green tea in the morning as well to help be motivated to want to do things.

  2. Hey cg kid, i want to tell you a shor story about my withdrawal😷 (tolerance break)

    First of all, i did it cold turkey(just stopped one day)

    Day 1: i was feeling okay until 13:00, then i was all irritated and i had huge stomach pain that lasted two and a half days. I noticed that my mood would change every hour, i was happy, sad, happy, sad, happy…

    Day 2: becuse i was smoking every 3-5 hours for 4 months (i started smoking 1 year ago) and i dont want to scare anyone but day 2 felt like fu*king "heroin withdrawal" i couldn't function, i couldn't get comfortable, i couldn't sleep, i couldn't eat, i had the worst, most painful diarrhea ever….

    Day 3: kind of okay but still feel like shit

    Day 4: now its all about the mindset and if you are spiritual person whit strong mind this shouldn't be a problem

    – Smoke, give, or throw away your weed!
    – Have a firend doing it whit you
    – Eat more fruit and vegetables(easy food)
    – Drink a lot if water
    – Lisen to music ir motivation speeches
    – Exercise
    – DO NOT GET DRUNK (it will be the depression kind of drunk)

    Last tip is kind of strange but think about it
    – Night befor you stop, eat A LOT OF EDIBLES(get too hugh) … It helped me because was scared of weed after that night. Because of all of the paranoid and anxiety of a bad trip

    I hoope this was helpful❤️

    Edit: correcting small errors in the text😅

  3. Its real man, right now i have heartburn and I'm extremely irritable.

  4. I completely disagree with what he’s saying. I’m a medical marijuana patient and have found this plant to be one of the most helpful and all kinds of people need an opportunity to receive this great medicine. Completely disagree.

  5. this came in my recommended at the perfect time. It’s definitely time for me to stop smoking. It’s made me it’s bitch for too long now I’m gonna make weed my bitch.

  6. I struggle with marijuana addiction and I can fully relate to these withdrawals marijuana addiction is REAL

  7. Thank you for this video. I've been off weed for almost a month now. I quit after a terrorizing evening trip smoking not just almost 4 grams of weed but combining it with two 2-CB pills (this was going to be the main attraction), a line of speed and some ecstasy. The hallucinations were horrifying and I felt like I was going to go insane from them. A while later I smoked a tiny amount of pot a few times and I'd get the same hallucinating trip again. Quitting was hard; recurring visual hallucinations, a constant feeling of anxiety, paranoia and horrible nightmares. It seems it's mostly gone now and I'm so glad I persevered. Weed is not for everyone and everyone imo should experience what withdrawal is like to see the effects and if they could do without. And also just to reflect on their use. I was smoking several grams almost every single day and it truly did serve as a pipeline to worse.

  8. What works for me is find somethig u love (notsmokin) and stick with it and just try to forget about weed entierllay

  9. You should grow your hair really long down you back like mine.:) That would be soooo pretty!

  10. 5 MONTHS??!! I had it for like 1 month, I felt like I was going to die from one of the symptoms. I feel so bad for anyone who had it for 5 months.

  11. my best friend and i used to smoke everyday last summer but i only smoked a little and one time during the day, he smoked to the point he was always high. One time we were listening to music and he was freaking out thinking the music was targeting us or some shit and that’s when he started scaring me, he told me he’s going to finish his supply and then quit and once he did, he was throwing up, couldn’t eat, paranoia, etc and his mom and my friends told him “you can’t get addicted to weed so you’re not having withdrawals” but he was so bad to the point where he just resorted to smoking again, i always tell him it’s only going to get worse if he doesn’t push through it.

  12. I've been running every single day for the last 4 months and lost an unbelievable amount of fat

    Buut I'm still smoking weed every day and if I don't smoke for a day it brings back my night time anxiety and throws off my whole schedule 🙁

  13. I like to use CBD oil but it's kind of like a double edged sword because yes it does help me sleep and have a better mood throughout the day, but at the same time it makes the dreams even more intense.

  14. I'm confused because I read online in multiple places that poly addiction is using atleast 3 drugs with no preference. Is this true or not because I also heard it's using a bunch of different drugs at once. PLZ help for personal use on if I'm it or not.

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