Marijuana Medical Benefits

Marijuana Symposium Debate

Debate between Jeff Hunt (Centennial Institute) and Robert Corry (Corry & Associates). Moderated by Shaun Boyd (CBS4)

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  1. "marijuana is the NUMBER ONE REASON why college student skip class"….

    LOL!!!!!! Wow! How can the EVILS of mariHUANA hurt thee!!???? LET ME COUNT THE RIDICULOUS WAYS!!!

    It's true! It's true! Marijuana is the NUMBER ONE REASON that high school students stay out after 10 on wednesdays!!!

    Sometimes, pets will get into peoples LEGAL pot stashes and they get very confused. Marijuana is the NUMBER ONE reason why curious pets become terribly confused!

    Marijuana is the NUMBER ONE REASON why people forget what they walked into the room for!

    And of course, marijuana is the NUMBER ONE REASON why a person would put cheese whiz on ANYTHING!

    They come up with these ridiculous reasons for prohibition because they don't want to be seen SUPPORTING cannabis in ANY way in public, so they try with all their might to come up ANY good reason why cannabis should be illegal. Of course, we all want our "young college citizens" to go to class. But that's no reason to advocate continued prohibition.

    They'll cling to sparse reports with spun numbers by other agencies, many of whom make their living off the prohibition of cannabis, with their dying breaths. A few years ago, there was a flawed study done that came up with the twisted conclusion that people who use marijuana will have a lower IQ. But these folks ran with it! They're still holding it up over their heads screaming "look at this! see? it's so terribly bad!", while people around them (probably many people they KNOW, but don't realize use pot) continue to advocate for common sense reform.

    If you really really look at it. There are probably 15% of americans out there STRONGLY opposed to legalization. I'd venture to say that HALF of them are people who are either in the public eye (like ministers and governors) and people who make their living working in BIG MARIJUANA, you know, police officers, drug counselors, lawyers, judges, prison guards, etc, etc, etc. When these people say they don't want 'big marijuana', they really mean they don't want someone ELSE making money from marijuana! They LIKE the money they make off prohibition and they don't want to see it go anywhere.

    But MOST Americans are realists. These realists (on BOTH sides of the political isle) KNOW that prohibition is stupid. They KNOW that marijuana is NOT the evil, pernicious "drug" that the frightened 15% keep pointing to. To those people, anyone who uses marijuana is an 'addict'. Any use = abuse. You'd think that, considering their "I really care" tone, they'd want to HELP these 'addicts', not THROW THEM IN PRISON. But when you advocate for marijuana prohibition, that's exactly what you're advocating. The debate isn't whether 'marijuana is good or evil'. The debate is whether we should continue making criminals out of anyone who uses it. The only people who benefit from marijuana prohibiton are black market criminals (you know, the people that CURRENTLY sell most of the marijuana in this country) and the prison industrial complex. As a result, we have too much of both in this country!

    And if these guys are really concerned that we're introducing 'another bad drug' to society, where's all their concern about the OTHER drugs? Are these guys railing against the legality of tobacco? Are they trying to get alcohol prohibition enacted again? I mean, are they REALLY concerned about these other drugs? They mention them in passing as cautionary tales we should have learned from. "alchohol is terribly destructive, do we really want another terribly destructive drug"? Well, why aren't these folks out there 'taking on big alcohol' if they're so concerned? They should be concerned with how young all the models in the beer commercials are! But they're too busy working on trying to KEEP the war on marijuana.

  2. I would ask Christian version of Mika Brzinski what if your two 15 year olds tried cannabis, used it regularly (not for medical), and were able to be successful productive members of society, how would you feel?

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