How Marijuana Works

Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 3/14/2019 by

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  1. Transitioning from IIPR directly into MMEN caused such a change in euphoria for me. Damn you MMEN.

  2. Newbie here, hope the "no such thing as a stupid question" applies lol. Why is it not significant that cron keeps making higher lows with maintained flat level volume?

  3. Come on cgc break bullish for the sector 😁. Thx dan for another great video!

  4. TCGdan, sorry to ask a redundant question ive seen you answer but cant seem to find. the facebook group you mentioned MST, i cant find it anywhere. please

  5. ACB continually broke away from high sell volume. It really pushed hard back to 9. I'm curious about what it does tomorrow. I held my position through the day as it never broke the low 8.80s.

  6. Looking back, prom in highschool was really silly and maybe caused more separation than union amongst the keeeeds

  7. Yes a great video as always, I dunno if you're putting more info in these or if I'm finally having some of your info sink in and I'm able to understand more anyway thankyou

  8. Thanks as always for your superb analysis of stocks brilliant observations of planet earth and some of its inhabitants.

  9. Can you combine rmto 1 video of your traveling when the series is done. Thanks

  10. Great videos Dan. Learning a lot.

    For catalysts, it should be noted that Ontario opens its retail stores on April 1. I think that can serve it as a big catalyst.

    Another major one is NY will be voting for adult use on April 1 as well. If it gets voted yes, it can serve it as a California Run back in Jan 2018.

  11. APHA would be lucky to even get its mom to drive it to prom at this point…

  12. Dan,
    I will be purchasing all three courses in the near future. I was curious if these courses are prerequisites to becoming a member of the community?

  13. Selling all my ACB yesterday and dumping it into NRTH paid off! Thank you Dan yet again for another awesome video! 🙂

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