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Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 2/27/2019 by

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  1. Thank you Dan for clearing up the day maker and week maker in this video. I appreciate your work and all the contents on youtube.

  2. When investing, if you are bagholding, say down 40-60% of initial buy, is it better to cut losses and reinvest, or wait until you gain back the losses?

  3. Major buzzkill today. Watch blue sky breakout after blue sky breakout over the past month, without the nerve to enter. Finally try to enter on OGI and of course it just has the lamest, most pathetic of breakouts then crashes back down. Great. Just great. What a buzzkill.

  4. It really helped me turning the session breaks option on in tradingview as it clearly show when the session starts and ends by drawing a line on the chart.. You can dim the colour of it so it doesn't seem so noticeable

  5. Got a partial fill of CURA @10.27 woohooo ! Getting good at identifying support levels from watching these vids 😀

  6. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. I have a request for you to please consider. You've been really hammering home that notion of "be aware when the market starts to consolidate"…. I admit that I am new to trading and you are 100% right. I make dummie buys all the time (FOMO sometimes) and most of the time I'm able to bail out – breaking even or even a little bit of gains. I'm doing better having agency over that behaviour with that each day.

    Could you please please provide some thoughts maybe in a future video to how us new "traders" or "investors" can protect ourselves from losing our shirts. As in, what are some steps we can do if we are looking to have gains in the short to medium future? What is a good mindset to be in when consolidation starts? Do we scale out? Panic sell everything? Do we start taking some profits now and sitting on more cash so that the eventual downtrend is not as bad on our overall balance?
    I guess I'm asking if you can step into the mind of someone who is middle aged, doesn't have a large amount of money, but is trying to be smart and proactive and grow their piggy bank, someone who is not a true daytrader due to having other responsibilities but is willing to learn in the time available. What is a smart way for this type of person to protect themselves from losing potential gains when consolidation happens?

    Not sure if that makes sense. You seem like a really chill, down-to-earth guy, so perhaps you understand and can provide some insight.
    Thank you for considering.

  7. What's about HEXO on the NYSE? What differences are there between Toronto vs. NYSE, other than "aboot" 2 dollars?

  8. thanks , I'm that guy that just started trading in nov. doing great. luv the warning.! I neded it

  9. "hold up on spy", Instead of spy can we be looking at SPX? or is this specifically SPY?

  10. Burned 2.5% trying to buy the dip on Trulieve. 🙁 The company's good but the volume is not. Won't be touching it until it pulls back extremely hard like another 25%

  11. Yes! BE AWARE! This market will not be as forgiving, don't learn the hard way! Protect your capital!

  12. Jedi Master Dan … Listen padwan learner's .. Jedi Master has seen it all before !!!

  13. OGI's dilution isn't to raise funds… they are eliminating a $98 million dollar debenture.

  14. Good news everyone! Instead of watching an advertisement you don't like for the millionth time, you can use that time to click like on Dan's video!

  15. The old 150% in one day, good one KBEV, good one. Attempts stop limit "This order type is not available on this market." Well, thanks for the couple hundred bucks of profit, but no way I'm holding that! #stoplosslife

  16. Anyhow, when I got into crypto in January 2018, there is a lot of community members making and keeping trading easy to go for crypto, I am today putting money in here to lose hope not but it got me to know so I’ll throw away 100 over a week bit is marijuana index the CoinMarketCap of the mj markets? I’m considering for news so I can get alerts but I’m not seeing doing as simple as crypto yet. Folks lost all year on bitcoin. I learned and didn’t lose not so much. Crypto for losers last year may have my good luck there’s a reason I never tried to understand money when I was a crabber on the straits. So any sites folks go to for research or the basic stuff for this, marijuana index. The rest of the sitters that talk about marijuana they are doing the stock language which is outside my crypto lingo in the traders universe. Thanks hi hope to make mad cash this year. Thank you dan, he’s the the master, I learned from you most reals shit. Thank you so much , anyhow see ya

  17. Hey dan, I am at (marijuana index. Com) I am getting some money on Robinhood, someone here commented I could do mj is and can there.

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