How Marijuana Works

Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 1/15/2019 by

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  1. Forgot to mention Brexit, but SPY dumped 20 min before Canadian MJ so I dont think that was it.

  2. whaty was that website you spoke of regarding marijuanna stocks was like the nasdaq of weed stocks

  3. Thanks for posting your video even though you're sick. Hope you get well soon.

  4. Hey Dan do you think the sector dump was due to the wrong interpretation of the news from that AG
    And things will go back to rally we were having prior?

  5. Feel better! I also noted to friends cgc would still be in bull mode on daily and pb to 36/7. I use the 9ema and 24 ema on daily

  6. The equilibrium on CVSI is still intact. We had a double bottle (well triple bottom at 4.32), keeping a close eye on that as well. Also, I sent a message through the "contact us" on your website regarding membership, cant tell if it went through or not. Get feeling better Dan and thanks.

  7. "probably see you tomorrow" oh god! Some body get this man a doctor!! Run a hot bath bud, pour some epson salts. Rest up!

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