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Marijuana Stocks 1-28-2019 Jim Cramer Segment

Cannabis companies are really growing here’s Jim Cramers theory. AV out of sync, but the info is there.

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  1. is this guy even saying words?
    I have no idea wtf is coming out of his mouth

  2. should I buy the majuana stock index.? I have literally spent a month trying to get started.which website(s) do I go to to buy the index or any index for that matter? 2019 thanks

  3. Get out your wheel barrels acb's going through the roof might need a rake to bring in all this cash 13.00 by March 28.

  4. Consistent dosing is not a problem.
    The user will decide their own dose.
    Don’t need the fda to regulate it and forget the artificial mimicking.

  5. Can't tell if it's a lisp, a mumble, or both… but this guy is hard to understand.

  6. Why do 3 comments say long ACB after this video, when he says to put CGC and CRON on your wish list for best ones to buy at cheaper entry?

  7. Cramer is a proven shill for institutional traders….. you will get fucked

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