Marijuana Still Isn't As Legal As You Think

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  1. Totally skipped over the part about marijuana, as well as lsd and mdma, having 0 scientific evidence for the claims that the Controlled Substances Act makes about their safety and potential for medical use. In fact, LSD was created for therapeutic purposes and was being studied for those purposes before it was suddenly made illegal (because Nixon hated hippies, basically). Similarly, marijuana was used very extensively by Americans in all sorts of tinctures and medicines before it was also made illegal (they didn't know it as "marijuana" though. They associated that term with Mexican immigrants).

  2. It is fully legal. State laws supersede federal laws except in very certain circumstances, usually having to do with National Security. Also, Washington has had medical marijuana since 1996.

  3. You have to also realize that in the US, Cannabis was technically never legally made illegal. Go back in history and see how the scam to criminalize and make it illegal actually came to fruition. The fact that it's known corruption to be the cause is grounds in itself to overturn, or even redact. Lets get it moving…The People vs. US Gov

  4. The day the government tries to get rid of recreational marijuana is when the battle will start for state rights and the legalization of marijuana across all states if it gets taken to the supreme court.

  5. omg quality of the research and video itself is amazing! such a great job! thank you

  6. It seems your change of name may have impacted the views you get on your new videos. I hope that changes soon, I will always keep watching as the quality has only gone up. Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Look, weed isn’t a fucking Miracle drug or anything but it’s much safer than alcohol for example and it’s ridiculous that it’s still illegal. Also lsd and mdma should be totally legal.

  8. CBD oil is not cannabis/marijuana. The legalisation should be aimed at the oil. THC is the bad part. I don't know what that stuff they're selling is. 'Medical Marijuana' seems to be the compound, but if it wasn't oil I wouldn't trust it myself. Selling only the oil would probably remove a lot of the stigma attached and make it easier for those who would benefit from medicating with it.

  9. Lol I thought I didn’t remember subscribing to this channel but then I read the description

  10. "We agree with states rights, as long as it with our platform." -rebublicans

  11. That map of Europe is all kinds of messed up

  12. The Obama administration ran raids like no one's business and raids for marijuana dispensaries in legal states have gone down during the Trump administration. The difference comes from if you measure 2008 Obama and 2016 Trump. But if you measure 2012 Obama and 2016 Trump they gone down. Plus the random uptick in early 2018 is going to be a flash in the pan with "anything stronger than an altoid mint is a drug* Sessions out of office.

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