Marijuana Legalization

Chicago — Gov. JB Pritzker, key lawmakers and stakeholders from around the state announced that they have agreed on a framework to legalize adult use …

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  1. He won't last long like the rest u see he only cares bout black people he won't last long

  2. Who wants to rent in dwelling and then find out the occupants moved in a small Pot Farm and it's legal. 2 years later after they move out willingly. They leave the mess behind not necessarily the growlab but all the spot smoke on the walls and everywhere. In the rugs. And I imagine the owners of the dwelling could not legally say no.

  3. My state could fuc K up a wet dream. Look Illinois we just want too not get busted for the stuff. You don't need to build up an industry and regulate the product for us,,,wait it's not for us is it?,it's for you the MAN the government too line the pockets and get the governor the toilets he needs in his house…

  4. Hopefully Florida takes note to this and they stop being so greedy, money hungry, and controlling.

  5. Applause to you Illinois for getting this right I hope and pray that all the rest of states including the United States Government does the same thing.

  6. Are Illinoisans really too stupid to see Madigan's bitch (Pritzger) setting this program to steal every cent that they can from this windfall of drug revenues. If the interest was is reducing the debt-load on the state they'd wouldn't limit the 13 million IL Residents to '75' licences, but they want all the money in the hands of a few so it's easier to manage the corruption/theft.

  7. They buckled to the pressure of law enforcement NO PLANTS allowed therefore vote NO on any proposed "Public Safety" tax increases, no freedom no tax increase.

  8. Freedom didn't win the cops can still kick down your door, shoot the dog and throw you in a cage for growing even ONE plant! Vote these bums out.

  9. And by the way….don't forget to give President Trump credit for Prison Reform!!!

  10. It should be legalized, ONLY if it is NOT Genetically Modified!! It is one of the most healing plants on this planet. But it's the oils that should be used medicinally. But this will not stop the financial crisis, just as it has not helped California's financial crisis. Because it's the way money is allocated and used that is the core of the financial situation in this state, Dispensaries should monitor the products pureness.

  11. They need to legalize it everywhere I remember when they told my best friend he had 2 months to live which made him depressed but after a couple blunts he just said fuck it and accepted his faith and had the best two months of his life but the only thing I didn’t like was he whooped my ass in 2k on the hospital tv and called me gay for getting he named tatted but he was just having fun joking around 😂😂 #r.i.pDarius

  12. With the amount of money they gon get from weed they should LOW THE FUCKING HOUSE TAXES😤😤

  13. Different licensing priority based on 'social equity' reasons, means race, which is illegal.  Different rules/penalties for out of state compared to residents, Unconstitutional.  25% of taxes going to communities, that are already tax dollar money pits, that historically, just throwing money at, has not worked.  Another tax paid committee, for a state WAY under water budget wise.  Expunging records, in a state that has long pled down dealer level and worse arrests to minor possession charges, which o btw, will make these serious dealers able to legally buy guns.

  14. We have a lot of Illinois boot lickers on this channel. Govt, go back to doing nothing all while stealing our money. We love you here in Illinois. FU

  15. This is a complicated issue with many moving parts – as was discussed in the press conference. It is important for the lawmakers and those in the Governor's office to hear from citizens. Please keep your comments clean, and hopefully – sharp and to the point. The Illinois Channel may give a Thumbs UP to your comment, which is not necessarily an endorsement, but an acknowledgement that it was received and read. Recreational marijuana is a perfect example of an issue that is critical, and where opinions are valid both for and against. So weigh in and let us know your thoughts! And thank you for watching!

  16. I have no problem with any drug being legalized, what people do with their own lives and bodies was and is none of the governments business. That said, it is hilarious that individual freedom has nothing to do with why they want to legalize it. The Democrats just want more money to keep the corruption pump lubed.

  17. Good Step towards racial inequality and needless arrests. Lots of opposition but a closer look reveals opposition has special interests such as Prison for Profit, Lawyers and Law Enforcement.

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