Marijuana Health Benefits

Marijuana in AtharvaVeda, Ayurveda and more…

Marijuana, is extensively mentioned in Sanskrit texts like Sushruta Samhita, Bhava Prakasha, or even Atharva Veda. In this video, let’s look at what it is exactly, …

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  1. "slowly killing yourself…" – well, are you afraid to die? Om Namah Shivaya!

  2. Description of Soma in rigveda donot match with Bhanga. Marijuana is not Soma.

  3. Marijuana has helped me with many health issues. That's some good medicine. I'd say that a big part of my success came from this magical plant right here.

  4. Till now I have not tried but my opinion about ganja it is the everbest medicine for mental stress for the next coming years.

  5. Brother I consciously understand that cannabis is two way soard but please make a video about how to consume cannabis with least harm to the body… You know what I mean..

  6. hey. its good, can you please share link for buying those books ( translation in English or Hindi translation) it could be very wonderful . Hope they are available in different language? aren't they ?

  7. This video/presentation gave me a BREAK from the BROKEN DOWN mundane world. 😊
    Sanskrit Channel… Always Enlightening! 😇

  8. Any herbs with some level of toxicity are made less toxic by including them in formulas with other herbs. Best not to take it on its own. The other herbs tend to detoxify them, particularly ones that help the liver.

  9. Thankyou I appreciated this video … what are the proper shuddhi karanas to do prior to it’s use please

  10. mixing the term intoxication instead of using the propper one…conciousness expansion.

  11. Hello,
    Great video. Do you know if that ayurvedic literature is available in English?

  12. When I saw beneficial descriptions of Marijuana in ancient Egyptian culture then I became more desperate to know it's role in ancient Indian culture
    thank you for making this video

  13. Marijuana can cause overdose, breakdowns, addictions etc. It is not for the "uninitiated". That being said, it's nice to take a "break" every once in a while and explore the higher forms of consciousness about us 🙂 Thank you, subscribed!

  14. Why the fuck this vedio is age restricted…
    It just shows the hippocracy of youtube

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