Marijuana edibles: Everything you need to know

In a second wave of recreational legalization in Canada, cannabis edibles will be permitted for legal sale no later than Oct. 17, 2019, Health Canada has …

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  1. Marijuana is one of the best and safest medicines, especially when its not smoked with toxic paper. Its also sad theres so many hardcore religious fanatics in Canada that want to get rid of something safer than alcohol.

  2. Wow the libs have to ruin everything. What about the health risk of needing to eat a half pound of chocolate to get high. I take 200mg just to start the day

  3. If the government has anything to do with it will never jive
    The government quadrupled the price of a gram
    They gave organized crime a raise made it worthwhile to have illegal Grow/opp’s
    The government is greedy and will get squat as a direct result of their greed
    They need to produce a good Quality product at a price organize can not afford to compete with
    Then you have control of the market

    I am a medical cannabis user and when they band edibles
    The dispensary threw a handful in my bag to get rid of them I showed them to friends of mine and asked them what kid would know this is not candy 🍭🍪🍬
    The number one response was I would take it not knowing it was not candy
    I buy the butter that they use for brownies and I don’t want double chocolate 🍫 fudge brownie at 05:00 🕔 it would make me sick so I just eat the butter

    I have grandchildren and this medicine not the culinary arts in baking or a candy 🍭 maker

    You need to know that your children can not get their hands on it as you would with any Medication you have
    Truth cannabis will not ever kill or damage your child 👶 it will make them very sick 🤒 and you suck at being a parent
    No different than parents who drink 🍸 GHB in a glass of water 💧 and their child 🧒 wake them up as they drink 🍸 the glass of water 💧 at their bedside
    The only problem youth whom are wasted will have in school is a blank memory of what they did not learn

    Your kids know more than the government does regarding weed
    And the government will always be to stupid to change their political interference. This is a 25 billion dollars 💵 a year crop the largest cash crop in Canada 🇨🇦
    The market already exists and the government just needed to tip the scales and they did the opposite of that

  4. I just want the pain management part only. I do not care for the getting high or damaging my lungs part.

  5. Edibles work better than smoking much better and longer lasting effect.
    50mgs good start.
    Moderate dose.
    Smoking increases risk of heart attack.
    Edibles have no such effect.

  6. Dont get it twitsted Alcohol is much more Dangerous and easer to get so what are you gonna do about that ??no one hase ever died from to much gummie bears with tHc in it.. ..i find it funny when the people that have no clue about Cannabis.tries telling the people that do how to use it . lmfao but yet they sell fancy coolers that look like Kids juice boxis 7% 10% get your stuff right.. News is SOOO misinformed its sickning.

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