Marijuana decriminalized in Hawaii

Marijuana decriminalized in Hawaii.

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  1. Buy it legally. Walk out of dispensary . Cops waiting.. here’s your $130.00 ticket. Thank you for you legal/illegal contribution.. lol👍

  2. This is good, but it's just a big step on the road to complete re-legalization. — Science and widespread experience have shown marijuana has no significant harms. – Hence, the only regulation marijuana really needs is to prohibit sales to children and provide basic sanitation, as we do for all produce.

  3. The first time I went to visit hawaii, a guy picked me up on his scooter as I was walking to the zoo. Aloha flirtatiousness. He smoked the most aromatic weed, but since I was so uptight about weed at the time, I declined his offer for me to smoke it. What a regret I have! I'm still a weed virgin. Decriminalization of weed is going to change my mind.

  4. Not ready to make the leap??? Literally we’re all ready for that leap tf

  5. Elvis generation needs to stay home and retire already, snoop dog generation Is up next….

  6. i only am concerned about people driving a car while affected by marijuana. Strong marijuana does put you in2 "a separate reality"

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