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Marijuana and your mind: New study links pot to mental health issues

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Marijuana is billed as a harmless recreational drug and often gets rave reviews for its role as a pain reliever. There’s a new study, …

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  1. #Fakenews Ther eis no study that has found that cannabis causes any harms such as this and these are fake and not proven by a science of actual proof They clearly know that it is a secedule one drug and can not be tested with out the propper ok from the goverment these new makers only want to use fear mongering #ThemoreyouKnow #Cannabis #Marijuwana #medicalMarijuwana #CuresofCammabis #FakenewsGroups #Fearmongeringhaters #show us the proof not fake news!

  2. This guy wrote a book without any long time studies having ever been done. Marijuana mixed with other things can cause psychosis, not marijuana alone. Stop the scare tactics.

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