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Marijuana and Spirituality | Does weed benefits your spiritual journey?

Marijuana and Spirituality | Does weed benefits your spiritual journey? Is weed good or bad for your spiritual enhancement? Menace Monk will be sharing how …

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  1. Menace – I SOOO love your authenticity and willingness to leave in the "imperfections" which demonstrate the perfection of 'real-ness' in all your humanity. So many folk who teach sexuality come across as trying 'be somebody' and I don't see that here – so yay you for that. This is a wonderfully balanced view on marijuana. Marijuana is rarely perceived as a'plant medicine' and I hear you expressing it this way. I used to smoke a LOT of dope but from a suppression/high space… that's a LONG time ago.. I also took acid – while I haven't done it for years, I really appreciate that these experiences opened my mind to other possibilities and, like you, was ultimately helpful for my spiritual journey at the time. Fab video ❤️x

  2. Amazing channel and great content. Thanks for sharing! New subscriber 😊

  3. Never thought about this. Great point about setting your intention. Cheers!

  4. Great to see you talk of vibrational frequencies and the pluses and cons of weed, depending on the vibration one is normally in. Would be interesting to hear about the interface between intuition/emotions/mind with vibrational frequencies. Thank you!

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