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Man, 80, arrested for growing cannabis plants for CBD oil that’s ‘saving his life’

‘Is it better to be illegally alive or legally dead?’ A man who was arrested for growing cannabis plants for medicinal purposes …

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  1. Just come across this video and it's disgusting how people are treated because they want to use cannabis,I use it illegally for medical use but even years down the line with all the data and what ever else people are still frown upon when the word cannabis is used-hope this old boy got his medicine and still out there Poppin good luck with everything

  2. Man for fuck sake leave this poor guy alone! He's not doing this to make money, he is doing this for survival! I live in a med legal state so I can grow medicine without fear but for those who cannot my heart breaks! I specifically do CBD rich and low thc because I actually do not WANT to get high… I grew out of the desire to get intoxicated, I don't even drink! But I truly believe in the healing power of green medicine.

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