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  1. Thank you so much for this video and all the information. Can you use DMSO for the solvent?
    Again, thank you 💚

  2. Everyone listen.. this video is how to make edible Rick Simpson oil. If you want to make dabbable RSO, do this:
    1. Use the purest alcohol you can get and pour it in a mason jar. Put in enough buds/shake/trim so the alcohol is just covering it
    2. Agitate the shit out of it
    3. After it's been soaking and getting tossed around for a while, filter it first through cheese cloth.
    4. Refilter through a single layer coffee filter
    5. Refilter through a double layer coffee filter (do this twice)
    6. Finally filter it one last time through 3 layers of coffee filters.
    7. Cook off the alcohol at a low temperature (100-130 F) so you don't decarb it because the hot nail will decarb when it's dabbed
    8. Whip it
    9. Scrape it up
    10. Dab

    Warning: it tastes like shit because of chlorophyll and I think alcohol may degrade terpenes

  3. Will the solvent which is alcohol, cause liver damage for liver cancer patients??

  4. Where to buy benzene or other solvents? there are lot of types of benzene online. What to look for when buying benzene?Is there a specific type of benzene?if I can't get benzene What to look for when buying other solvents?sorry I've no idea.we can't get anything in India easily

  5. Any precautions I should follow?? I'm gonna try and make oil couple days from now.

  6. So he started by curing himself and other people just by applying it to skin..why is everything oral use only now?

  7. Is it safe to use non stick coated rice cooker or it has to be ceramic? Video doesn't mention anything but I've heard elsewhere the non stick may be toxic.

  8. Hi i watched The whole Video is it possible to use coconut oil Or hemp oil AS a solvent OR even vodka From The Supermarket ?
    Hope on a response
    Kind regards.

  9. I wish I could talk to this man Im from Sarnia Ontario and hes one reason why its legall in canada now….Hes A true Canadian Hero….So many lives will be saved in so many ways because he never shut up about the truth of this medicine.Truly Sent from God to help his people.

  10. My weed didn't dry correctly and now I'm getting mold. Is it safe to get oil from it?

  11. What will happen if I can only get sativa strain will it still work on a cancer patient with lung cancer can any one help

  12. Why does this vid have so low views?!?! This is from the healers mouth himself!!!!

  13. Ok I hope I can find it where I live I want this for my Parents and my in-laws both parents have had cancer mother breast cancer my father skin cancer my mother-in-law breast cancer and now long cancer and my father-in-law with diabetes I don’t care if I go to jail I want to help them live longer and get the poison out of their body and I’m just praying that I can do this right for them

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