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MA Medical Marijuana Review – MCT Oil Tincture (THC) by Alternative Compassion Services

Sup Doods, Today, I review some THC-based MCT Oil Tincture from Alternative Compassion Services in Bridgewater, MA. ACS website: …

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  1. If you use a herbal infuser to infuse, can you strain and then put into an e cig?

  2. i was thinking you take a few drops but you squirting whole ass droppers lol

  3. Dude, I'm finding new way to spice up my weed life thanks to your vid. I've been a "PotHead" type dude but I love love to learn about what I love

  4. Bought some tinctures today for the first time in years here in California. Small company named Cousin Andy. They sell CBD products online, but he sells THC products locally through a collective on WeedMaps lol.

    Super tasty; he uses coconut oil + agave in his tinctures, so the neutral taste is eliminated with a pleasant berry-ish taste — and long lasting @ 1000 mg (17 mg per dropper, around 60 droppers per 2 oz bottle). Great quality medicinal product.

    What a time to be alive for a stoner lmao.

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