Low-quality cannabis driving consumers back into black market: Industry consultant

Poor quality cannabis from Canadian producers is driving consumers back into the arms of the black market, says George Robinson, a cannabis consultant and …

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  1. They made it too expensive for a small grower to get in the game never mind the red tape even the big guys won't make money for a long time just the gov. (Imagine that lol)even a co-op of small growers would exceed the biggest players Big time but there is way to much crap to wade through so the black market is'nt going any where sorry Justin-

  2. At 5:15 George Robinson says "we need to ask black market growers what did you know that I need to know to grow cannabis?"
    Really???? What he needs to know is that everybody's pissed off because the Government licensing requirements for growers are purposefully difficult and extremely expensive to comply with in order for big money to have a near monopoly of the business. And he has the nerve to think that the black market growers are just going to tell him after being shut out? He's either childishly naive or willfully ignorant.

  3. Classic example of the State getting in the way of free enterprise. I see no point in supporting a product when the government picks the winners and losers. The Black Market is the way to go.

  4. Ya think? Stuff in the stores burns quicker than tobacco it's so dry. And a price on par with the streets at that quality? Yeah gtfo of here.

  5. "People like a nice bud"… the interviewer is a true snoop dog level stoner.

  6. They need to spread there plants out, maybe they should hire some people who have been successful before oh wait if u have a charge on your record u can’t work in the industry. So not only can’t they hire some of the best no how out there they will keep them as competitors.

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