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Loudest Pubic Bone Crack I’ve Ever Heard ~ Self Cracker Gets “Deeper” Adjustment~Carpal Tunnel~ASMR

Professional Adjustments … Amateur Videos ~ Intentional ASMR Videos ~ Condenser Microphone Captured Crunches ~ Quiet Face Paper ~ Quiet Office (no …

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  1. I had to keep stopping the video to see if my brother was whistling because it was bugging me 😂 turns out it’s this guy and I told him to stop it for no reason

  2. 23:30 illiocecal valve: I just tried it on myself and I think it worked. What's the benefit of doing this? How often should we do it? Just this valve, or both?

  3. How much do I have to pay to have a dishy younger man rub my back, crack my spine, hold my gluteus maximus and whistle while he works? ❤️😉😂

  4. I been having intercostal muscle pain in the top of the lumbar area that moves around for about 6 months after an injury, I guess due to a nerve being trapped. Is the anything that I could do to help? , I just recently had some deep tissue massages with a few chiro adjustments but still having pain, mainly whe sleeping on my side.

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