How Marijuana Works

Legal weed in Canada: How it works where you live | Power & Politics

Marijuana will be legal in Canada starting Oct. 17, but the rules are different in each province. CBC’s Power & Politics breaks it down. To read more: …

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  1. it is a country,look at what you can do when you grow,things,more o2 in the air.

  2. I'm in Florida unfortunately. How does it work down here? (😁🤨🤔🙄)

  3. We need your help Meanwhile, all dispensaries in Canada have been ordered by the government to close, and remain shut, until they receive all levels of permission (building owner, municipal, provincial, federal, etc). This will take years in most cases. Any dispensary that sells without all licenses and inspections will never be welcomed into the legal system, threatened Bill Blair. He's the person Trudeau put in charge of legalization So to PROTECT yourself from the government that gave the OK to access a CLASS A NARCOTIC, for recreational uses & then ARREST you Please Join the MARIJUANA PARTY OF CANADA BY Bishop Coulbeck. thank you.

  4. One time I could smell everything walking because of weed, literally everthing

  5. One time I asked a personal question to someone high on weed and he got defensive, don't ask personal question to someone high on weed

  6. Brexit voted no to brexit, so what happens to u.k.? I heard scotland bank needs to do something with germany now, Germany is a superpowerful country in europe, don't mess with germany like the guy giggling at german flag high on weed

  7. I had experience where guy was high on weed at the park and I had german flag with me. The guy was giggling at me or my German flag? this got me mad, if he was giggling at german flag, no good to him, for superpowerful Germans in germany, don't mess with Germans for real

  8. Cops can smoke weed now in canada, what kind of a law is this when cops are the law?

  9. Thought I'd see people everywhere smoking weed like cigarettes here on the street

  10. Cops are allowed to smoke weed now after their job, you can smoke weed with a cop

  11. This is all cbc, keep seeing endless weed here, they're smoking weed at cbc?

  12. Justin Trudeau has three young children don't know why he made weed legal

  13. Canadians can be rough with their comments for sure. A black cop died of a fentanyl overdose here and someone said good riddance to a cop, because the cop was black or good riddance to a cop?

  14. I have no objection about someone personal choice.
    But at public place, it's problem for non smoke/serious allergy or asthma people/patients/kids.

  15. Weed stays in your system anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on how much you smoke, so how do you avoid getting a DUI? Like supposed your pulled over and your eyes are red but your not actually high at the time youd still have it in your system and would fail a drug test so how exactly does that work? It seems pretty ridiculous.

  16. So many ppl complaining about restrictions. You'd be in prison for years for keeping just a few grams for personal use in my country. Good job Canada, leading by example.

  17. that thumbnail though.. no way all those drugs are going to roll with such a small paper.

  18. Leave a like if you were smoking while watching lmao🤘😂💨

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