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Legal marijuana is cutting into drug cartels’ profits

CATO Institute immigration analyst David Bier on how the legalization of marijuana is cutting into drug cartels’ profits.

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah. Now what is next? Legalizing cocaine, heroin, crock, meth? Crazy world we live in.

  2. Here's some facts for you…. People experiment with drugs so that they can drink more alcohol….  THC will not hurt you.

  3. uhh the cartels are growing it inside the US now. They skipped the importation problem.

  4. I just read an article that stated that violent crimes have went up dramatically because of Marijuana legalization. That is the most ridiculous horse shit that I have ever heard. Violent crime is gonna increase regardless of legalization or not. You can't blame every violent crime on Marijuana legalization, or the increase of violent crimes.

  5. I wonder what the comments would look like if everyone in the U.S. felt safe enough to speak openly? You know freedom we talk about?

  6. Stop making laws that are stupid!!!!! If you just legalize drugs, yes all drugs!!!! The positive effects on society would be profound! You would reduce the prison population to a reasonable level. And have the added benefit of demonetization of organized crime. And guess what? We will probably have the same level of drug use. I can't prove that but some studies do back that up(citation needed) and anecdotally I have been to Asian countries where drug use is penalized by death! They still use drugs! I also went to a country with essentially no drug laws and they use at a lower rate than the first country. So laws are not the basis for societal change in drug use, they only serve to add pain and misery!

  7. Okay billions in taxes and no more weed at the boarder wars sounds like progress to me .so why we still delaying the whole country legalization makes no sense to me this shit done turned political

  8. CAN WE PLEASE STOP HAVING CLOSED MINDED PEOPLE SPEAKING FOR MARIJUANA !! This is ridiculous that White America is still using the terms like “Devils Lettuce”. Off topic; i wish she gets cancer and has no choice but to turn to marijuana to help her symptoms to then realize the full potential of this PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG dumb bitch

  9. No one wants that dirty brick weed full of seeds from Mexico.. And by the way walls work incredibly well you back alley dipstick

  10. Cannabis has helped me with my depression,add,appetite. If it wasn't for cannabis id probably not be alive or be in college getting my nursing degree.

  11. Sue the tobacco companies but fire up that joint! You people disgust me! Pathetic diots!!

  12. I see no issue with the legalization of cannabis. A substance that is significantly less dangerous then alcohol is and has been treated like a dangerous weapon. People are literally being arrested for YEARS, stripped from educations, and job opportunities due to the possession of cannabis. People need to wake up and look at the facts. Psilocybin, Cannabis, and things similar or related is not of the concern. Are taxes should go to more important issues like keeping REAL criminals off the streets and to the militia power to keeping Americans safe.

  13. There are 2 types of people who are against legal cannabis, the ones who are ignorant to the subject or the ones who are making money off it by it being illegal.

  14. do you think we will ever get around to legalizing murder? maybe if we just bring murder out of the shadows and have government control it….oh wait….we have the military.

  15. All the intelligence agencies of the world know who the global cartels are and could have bombed them all at anytime and built 10 walls with their seized funds. Then mexico could have lived in peace and governed and prospered on their own. But hey there is no money in that. Now we get to watch the media go around in circles like dogs chasing their tales while the United States corrupt politicians,cia,fbi etc. and other globalist leaders sit around acting like they dont know what would fix our imigration problem that they enabled and perpetrated on the people of the U.S. and the world in the name of Democracy!!!

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