Lebanon’s Green Gold: The Debate to Legalize Cannabis

Lebanon is about to take a historic step for the Arab World with a proposed bill to legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medical use. But in the fertile Bekaa …

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  1. The Middle East has been growing cannabis for generations, but some of Lebanon's most established farmers are wary of the latest talks of legalization. We went to the Bekka Valley to find out why what could happen if hashish goes legal.

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  2. This video is proof that weed could benefit the economy of a country and yet still it's a drug and it's illegal 😩😬

  3. America, Canada, the biggest players of the West are legalizing this, and for once it is the UK and Europe that are falling behind on this issue.

  4. Lets go back in time to the early 1980's in my hometown of Toronto , when the Blonde and Red Lebanese hashish was good & plentiful , easily purchased then consumed in joints or water pipe- bubblers ! Best of all was the Infamous & trippy high from the " CHERRY RED LEBANESE HASH OIL " pure THC liquid Gold in a glass vial !!!

  5. Cannabis could literally boost the Lebanese economy so much! If they become a major exporter!

  6. خوانه ، الأخضر اللبناني ليس شيئًا. النرجيلة عصابة أين كنت في ؟؟؟؟؟

  7. They cant complete with America..
    This is a joke just like their Afghan dirt weed

  8. When you smoke cannabis, doesn’t it open your third eye or pineal glad?

  9. Subtitle please please, we are deaf full. I cant understand when he talk in english, please.

  10. What an amazing Mayor. A true politician of the people and for the people. Bravo.

  11. any grower or producer of marijuana that gives it out for free to people in need of the medical properties is doing gods work

  12. Lebanon might legalize cannabis due to an important pressure of the drugs lobby. Mainly from a poloitical party called Hezbollah

  13. The farmers don't want it legalized because they don't want to pay taxes. Its really that simple.

  14. If it's one thing the uptight Arab world desperately needs, it's a pull from the old peace pipe.

  15. I’m Muslim and I agree that it should be legal all over the world. It’s very beneficial to our health and mental state. 😊

  16. let the Muslims have legal weed, maybe they'll stop being such nerd raged suicidal pricks.

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