Last Minute Effort To Legalize Marijuana In New York

CBS2’s Ali Bauman has the latest on the last-ditch effort to legalize marijuana in New York by Gov. Cuomo.

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  1. I want it to be legalized because my daughter needs it for epilepsy. Why not do it through the medical marijuana program? Because they make you spend hundreds of dollars to see a gate-keeping doctor, who knows less about cannabis than I do.Take away the middlemen doctors and I will be for the medical program. That's why I want cannabis legalized, to make it easier and cheaper to get my daughter the medicine she needs.

  2. No they wont. Because they rather lock people up for money. Look at California where you can literally open a business selling weed and be successful. NY and NJ need to catch up it's really shameful.

  3. Ok hurry, legalize it so them colored folk can stay home and get high legally.

  4. I'm really shocked that New York Have Nots legalized marijuana because here in Oklahoma we are the last to get everything and it's legalized here and I'll tell you it's in the Gazette every week about cannabis cannabis cannabis😂😂😂

  5. Harckham beholden to wealthy helicopter parents who don't realize their precious pets are already getting higher than weather balloons. The abstinence centered model doesn't work, whether it comes to sex or substance use. Remember at the polls!

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