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KINGPEN Cart Review

dont consume this product because…… *For Legal cannabis patients and adults only* (18+) IG: Emz1nonly Depop: EmzApparel YouNow: Emz1nonly Love u …

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  1. Lmao damn ur gonn get a tumor Nd a lot of different kinds types of cancer , too all of you buying carts plz stop , only about 2 brands in the world make real carts and are only available in legal states , every other brand isn’t registered and passed through any kind of Health department , the wax may actually have thc but it isn’t purified witch means it still has all the bad chemicals they put in the soil so the plant grows , In fact the processor making these carts actually make those harmful chemicals stronger , be careful and if your gonna smoke , smoke budd or at least wait till your 21 and buy real carts from real dispensaries , be safe

  2. Girl I'm letting u know now some of those r fake my homie had one and allmost died be careful

  3. Jesusssss 🥰 you’re gorgeous, just wanna say those carts are really fake but keep up the great content

  4. Omg all these fucking cart reviews lol there for people who dont really smoke….little ass baby hits all day

  5. Anyone that says you can't get high right away are definitely smokin some bunk

  6. Girl i jus got back from colorado. I got w brand Spherex n the oil in all the pens put there doesnt NOT move. Lol. The oil bubble should not move.

  7. That rr cart is fake too😂😂 wherever u getting carts at fire them right now 😂this probably in a illegal state

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