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Juicing Raw Cannabis with Carl Loveday

In this video, Dr. Group interviews Carl Loveday, a pioneer in the cannabis juicing industry. Carl and Dr. Group will answer all of your questions regarding the …

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  1. Congratulations on your find with Juicing 💯%🙏 Wee DEFO need this Cannabis Legal 🌎World Wide ESPECIALLY when it has So many Excellent Non Addictable consequences.This is a Life Saving Normal Mother Natures Plants.I'm sure that the Big Pharmaceutical companies DON'T want this,It would Will help so many people world 🌎Wide with all sorts of help from the Cannabis Plant 🌱🍃

  2. It’s BEST to watch the long version…’s a WOW!!!!!! You can find this link above. 👍🏼

  3. That one dislike, though… What a sad person?

    BTW… Keep the pesticides & other gnarly compounds in mind when looking for cannabis.

  4. Cool video Dr Group. I must say it was the chronic! Juicing the male plant & hermaphrodite as well, interesting. Perhaps hermaphrodite's are survival instincts of a cannabis plants? A genetic mutation? Kinda reminds me of what happens to frogs when to much at-tra-zine is in their environment. Anywho, As someone who has advocated for cannabis for years now i find this video to be a breathe of fresh air. Keep up the great works.

  5. Free it! i need medicine without the threat of violence…….. It's a birth right to grow it.

  6. excellent video thanks!…gives fascinating insight into the ''not so familiar ways'' that THC-a can be converted to THC…
    who would of guessed that apple & citrus could facilitate that process??..not me.i'm now wondering if it is yet known
    which compounds within these fruits cause the reaction…acids converting acids?

  7. Wow! Great discussion! So blessed to be subscribed on this channel! Thank you!

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