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Joshua Before After cbd oil for Autism


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  1. God bless….every child has a right to improve and go on to enjoy learning and growing.

  2. it's so awesome God made a plant that can reverse the harmful effects of vaccines.

  3. Oh, I'm so happy for Joshua and your family! This brought me to tears as he reminds me of my two sons with those glorious long curls. I just can't imagine how painful it would be to watch your child slip away. Good on you for finding him a way out of the abyss.

  4. I have been taking the oil for several months just for overall health and I felt so good. Now I am out couldn't afford it. I am back to not feeling good and feeling anxious again. This stuff is good for everyone, especially with all the poisons and toxins in everything these days

  5. That's amazing!! Praise God!! So happy for you all. Did he have a MMR or other shot right before the changes?

  6. There are a large number of vaccines between 12 & 18months. I am a medical professional & have seen a large number of children who develop autism traits closely following multiple vaccination. There is also an association between SIDS and vaccinations.
    CBD has side effects (all medications do unless they are wholesome foods…ie as found in Nature..wholesome..complete)
    Boswellia resin powder (Frankincense Hojari) has the same effect on the a delicate brain system known as endocanabonids.. You might consider introducing 1/8 Teaspoon of the frankincense powder in a little honey & warm distilled water before meals. And slowly reducing the CBD The Frankincense is a complete food & has no side effects & many side effects
    Best regards

  7. He probably is an autist because his parents were smoking too much so he felt a withdrawal

  8. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I am so happy to come across your video. Wishing you many more blessings on your journey! 💜💜💜

  9. What a huge difference. He looks so happy, anxiety seems to be gone. Daily small things seem to be so much easier! Sending all positive energy and love to Joshua and his family!

  10. Did the change in his behavior start before or after he was vaccinated? Im honestly curious.

  11. He was born normal, someone please tell me it were not the vaccines that did it to him.

  12. Brought me to tears, it's so beautiful to see your son come back to you. I'll pray that he continues to make those incredible strides in his development.

  13. My grandson 8 has started to have epileptic seizures after a bad fall, he loves coming to my house because it’s quite and calm that’s what he says, I’ve gone a little deaf and the sounds in the supermarket scene were intense for me to listen to, quite overwhelming so I understand my grandson not wanting to hear that. I know what’s happening to my grandson is completely different from autism but there are somethings that I feel relate to that and to my being deaf. The frustration the overwhelming noise being scared because you can’t explain. But inside of yourself your you.

  14. You know this medical profession that pushes pharma poisons are always surprised when someone gets better because they push DEATH not LIFE. I am amazed and sad when people continue going to these same quacks of the medical profession that harmed this child with vaccines. No kid should be injected with these concoctions called vaccines. There is NOTHING good from pharma pushers or pharma.


  16. Hi!
    i live in el paso, texas, i want to know if i can get this oil, because i have a 3 years old daughter and she is in the spectrum. I hope you can answer me 🙏

  17. Cbd, a whole food diet and no gluten. This little boy is gorgeous! Wishing you tonnes of happiness

  18. Hey, everybody ! 💞👑💫🙋‍♀️
    Does anybody knows a good website , where I could purchase it for a resonable price ? Im from Europe.
    THANK U in advance for any Help, advice and answer !
    Have a great one, everybody ! 💖💫👑💞👋

  19. Thats beautiful such a happy little man with a huge heart. Now we just have to make it easier to get cbd oil for everyone. Near impossible hear in Australia l guess the pharma's cant exploit us with this so the government get paid off to keep it out of reach. To think how many lives could be changed, not only the person needin the cbd but the family also. Quality of life for everone, bless your beautiful family.

  20. A wonderfully uplifting video…thanks for sharing & may he go from strength to strength

  21. I need help. A lady I attend church with has a son I take care of in children's church. He shows all the signs of autism How can I bring it up without being offensive?

  22. What is the difference in the cbd oil I bought in NY and what you purchased …what is the brand name of the cbd oil you have

  23. Amazing change for him,so glad you found something that works for him 🙂

  24. I love the beach. U r very correct. This is all natural with no negative side effects! I'm so glad this has helped so much! Love to everyone! Bless Joshua and his loving family!

  25. Awesome story.
    Cbd oil is awesome.
    It helps me with my pain.

  26. Wow! That's awesome. You should look into vaccines. It looks like your boy was NOT born with autism.

  27. Who else thinks it's very odd that chronically ill people are prescribed truck loads of expensive (profitable) 'Man Made' synthetic drugs such as 'Tramadol', when medications such as Cbd oil is 100% natural, derived from plants, non addictive and significantly more effective at treating depression caused by chronic pain. The only conclusion any intelligent person can come to regarding this situation is that some very rich people are deliberately withholding these natural drugs from the public by manipulating the nations legal and medical systems in order for them to make more profit. It's exactly the same reason we don't have a cure for the common cold, there are too many symptom relief medications making some wealthy people even richer than the obscene amounts of money they already sit on. I did hear that 90% of the worlds entire wealth is owned by just 10 individuals. Does anyone else ever wonder how far mankind could have come by now if utter greed and selfishness had been removed from the equation?

  28. So moving .This cbd oil is simply amazing . I have it for pain and so does my dog. Lovely to put your gorgeous son on here and give hope to others 💚

  29. I use CBD oil and it does stop my brain seizures! WHAT A MIRACLE!! THANKS for sharing your story!! MSM also helps to reverse the brain trauma. 1000 mg every 12 hours. A natural element in the body which clears out TOXINS. Most people lose it later in life. MSM restores the focus and eye contact lost with Autism and vaccine injuries.

  30. I'm so happy for him and for your family.. he's a good kid
    Love and kisses

  31. I have noticed differences in my son's behaviour since I have been giving him multi vitamins and probiotics.

  32. How do you give it to your child (i.e in a food or drink or on a spoon etc)? Thank you

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