Josh Blue Stand-Up

Josh Blue performs stand-up about randomly being offered sweatpants and prescribed meds by a homeless man, who he befriended with weed. Subscribe …

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  1. I seen you at the Paul Moonie tribute show wanted to say hi but couldn't love you man big up

  2. Love Josh Blue but am the only one who noticed he worked the same joke for 5 minutes?

  3. That as*hole bobcat golddigger already did this act in 1959. Or '89 hell I can't remember bc he really wasn't that significant so I didn't care. #Kinison was the man so I only watched the other wanna-bes when Mr. Sam wasn't preaching. Feel me?

  4. "want to give you something " yeah homeless in LA have typhus, STDs, measles, and other stuff going around. Liberalism = mental disorder.

  5. I have a great Josh Blue story/experience. This is to show how Josh Blue is every bodies friend, Josh Blue came to CT to plug his show at the Funny Bone comedy club, by coming to the morning taping of Better Connecticut to plug his show. I worked for building services, and one of our tasks is overseeing security. When I got a call from the head security officer who radioed me to meet him in the green room. Now, being asked, by security, to meet in the green room is a rare occurrence, so rare that time was that one occurrence, so I had to rush to security at the green room, when I did, I saw security blocking one of the entrances to the green and Josh Blue, I was surprised to see Josh Blue and said his name excitedly, “JOSH BLUE, hey congrats on your win,” He’d won last comic standing, at the time. So I looked at security and wanted to know the dire emergency, then security asked, “Oh, you know him?” I explained he was the comedian that was going to be featured in today’s airing of Better CT, then explained who Josh Blue was. Apparently, this security officer who so much a straight arrow, he didn’t know Josh Blue. Then he tells Josh Blue, “Ok, sir, you’ve been cleared”, in a serious Jack Web monotone voice. So, I wish Josh the best, and walked away with head of security, asking security to explain what happened, the following couldn’t be made up if you wrote about it:

    Apparently Josh Blue arrived to the Better CT studio a little early and entered the stage area via the audience entrance, he checked with the stage hands and a producer, then asked to use the bathroom, they showed him where the bathroom was. Now, you have to walk through the newsroom, to get to the bathroom, as Josh Blue did, All of the newsroom people, editors, producers on air talent, saw Josh Blue walk through, only, no one recognized, but were surprised to see him walk through, WALK being relative. So a few of the employees called security and told security there was a possible homeless man walking through the news room they suspected to be intoxicated, That went into the bathroom, head of security rushed out and met Josh Blue and questioned, “Sir, can I help you?!” Josh Blue, being Josh Blue, said, “yeah, I’m looking for employment, can you tell me where I can HR?”. Security Piqued, and in a more aggressive manner asked, “Sir, how’d you get in?!” Josh says, “Oh, the back door”, security responds with, “That’s how you’re going out, too! C’mon!” That’s when Josh was trying to explain who he was, trapped by security, which dialed 911 but didn’t press the send button. Every time Josh comes to the show, he excitedly calls my name with his arms up, and asks, “where’s officer Mike?”

    To verify this story look up WFSB Better Connecticut Josh Blue, he explains his “escapade” to the host of the show.

  6. my uncle passed away recently and he was neighbors with josh and they were friends and he offered to buy my uncles music

  7. Fucking A homie. I love you. No homo. Lol my son is a high fuctioner like you. I so wish you could meet him. If you are ever in Cincinnati please for the love of God get a hold of us. Best wishes too you my man.

  8. Cleaning off the palsy with his homeless sweatshirt. Hahahahaha. I love your take on the disability, I’m a paraplegic and relate to a lot of the funny stuff you experience. Well done Bro.

  9. I love Josh Blue, i keep trying to find his Sticky Change special on DVD or Blu-ray i cant find it anywhere it's amazing

  10. I think it's interesting that it is socially acceptable to make fun of homeless people… Can't have laugh at an Asian accent or a black person for any reason anymore without it being called racist. Can't say homosexuality is a sin just like greed or stealing. But it's fine to laugh at homeless people.

  11. “There’s a beeping in my house I can’t find.”

    I missed the following joke because I was laughing.

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