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Joe Rogan – Effects of High Potency Marijuana, CBD | JRE Pot Debate

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1246 Pot Debate:

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  1. What I do is smoke some CBD and after like an hour I'll start smoking regular marijuana. This has kept me from becoming overly anxious and paranoid. Plus if I smoke an indica it helps put me to sleep right away.

  2. all i gained from this is most people dont need to use edibles. just smoke it. you'll be fine.

  3. Weed might relax you at first, but gives you more anxiety in the long run! It affects your body and mind, that's why they call it a drug! It sneaky because you get addicted gradually! I've seen friends addicted to weed and it's not a pretty sight!😢👎

  4. Him basing his danger argument one the amount of the THC in dab pens, (Vaped marijuana) is ridiculously incorrect, the amount of the THC is far from the danger, it's the illegal drug market that sells cut dab oils, mixed with pesticides and such that's dangerous, the amount of THC is a dumb argument as well, bc THC above around 85% extract, just crystalizes, it's impossible to control THC extract at that high of a percentage, unless you are buying legal, real dab carts, then you are smoking anywhere from 40% to 77% THC not 90

  5. I belive that highly active people benefit from weed with almost 0 negative effects. Other people have too much time to smoke and start taking a helpful thing for granted and thus abuse it.

  6. edibles are very different from smoking weed. i can smoke a whole joint and not feel anything but if i eat one tiny 10 mil. candy im like a zombie 🧟‍♂️

  7. "Thank god that little moron is no longer in office." LMAO, I just quit smoking a few years weeks ago and literally feel like my brain is being rewired. It just got to a point where I realized that it wasn't for me and was destroying my ambition.

  8. I smoke concentrates daily that's some highly potent shit and it's great.

  9. Here's how stupid dope smokers are -after SEVERAL DECADES of "cool" magazines and head shops and paraphernalia, they still think it's the coolest thing in the world for hot girls to fucking pose with weed in some form or another.

  10. The weed is making some of us who were already woke schizophrenic , because it’s just like instant truth or just the sense of awareness is instant and I do feel like I am going psychotic.

  11. pot is much safer than alcohol!! You cant OD! Ever! But is it safe for everyone? No .

  12. I had a neighbour who took a few puffs off a joint once at a bbq and he thought he was going to have a heart attack and we had to call the ambulance, im guessing weed wasnt for him lol

  13. it's all on the dosage. I knw people that smoke one or two hits and der relaxed. a quarter of a edible and they r good. . yet ders dose people "oh I have a high tolerance" smoke like 4bowls eat all the edible fuck up all da dabs n dey act like Creeps.

  14. Thc and cbd is the future. I use it everyday and it makes me the best I can be

  15. I have had absolutely terrible side effects from weed that I believe are just a function of my biology. I have felt uncomfortably numb for over 2 days after smoking a small amount of weed. It just affects different people differently. Cannabis is a drug- they all have side-effects

  16. Edibles are unpredictable. Better off just smoking one or two puffs. All you need today and too much of anything is not good,

  17. Still far safer than alcohol! And has just as much of a right to be able to indulge in a nice smoke or vape, or what have you, just as much as to a drink, or a sip of whine, make your decisions based on what you can control, as far as all these negitive arguements against cannabinoids, it could be made far more against alcohol and tobacco.

  18. Why is it that nobody talks about cannabis-induced psychosis? I am all for live and let live, but, for my work, I have seen many lives destroyed by cannabis. For certain people, pot is not as harmless and cool because it can trigger depersonalization, derealization and plain psychosis. In other cases, I have seen people just with their brains "fried" and becoming handicapped due to smoking pot. So, why nobody talks about this?

  19. Don't smoke it go drink alcohol talk about those effects on how people crash a 4 runner into a school of kids or how someone with PTSD drink alcohol and beat his wife weed is life

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