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Its Gon' Rain!!! Outdoor Grow Update Week 9 Flower

Do I Harvest Today or Bare the thunderstorms over the next few days? ▷ Subscribe to my VLOG Channel – ▻ KN Website: www.

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  1. Been growing for at least10 years and I'm facing something for the first time. Rain coming at week 9 with lower temperatures at night. Right now mostly cloudy trichomes, hairs starting to brown, but very little amber. Rain on Wednesday, Thursday. I'm at a crossroads and not sure what to do, lol.
    How did she turn out for you? Made me cringe a little the way you handled it, lol. Nice plant but you should have had a way bigger yield. I know everyone has a technique but in my experience outdoor plants don't need pruned so hard. I have one girl now that will give me over a pound cured.

  2. Hi, awesome plants! I got some this year and I have a question, is It recomendable harvesting earlier then, if It keeps raining? I just don't want en to come down either because of budrot. Haha I'm in the same dilemma

  3. If you can, put a tarp or some cover over her, pitch a tent for the tree haha, maybe? Umbrella time. Cheers! Beautiful flowers.

  4. Check morning and night If you notice more mould in other places I’d chop her down just have a good look cause I lost some buds to mould I didn’t see that spread while I was drying

  5. All you gotta do brotha is make a little cover so rain doesn't hit it directly. That's why u shouldn't plant straight in the ground . If it was potted in a five gallon would get the same yield and get to take it inside for the rain

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