Marijuana Health Benefits

Is medical marijuana a miracle cure or misunderstood?

As the world slowly warms to medicinal cannabis, much has been made of its proposed health benefits. But have we over-estimated what pot can do for the sick …

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  1. Medical Cannabis is not the same thing as injecting cannabis infused coconut oil into someones stomach and they should not be compared.


  3. Lifesaving chemo therapy? This video is made and paid for by the pharmaceutical and criminals called doctors injecting poison and call it life saving. Shame on you ignorant producers of this video.

  4. Donโ€™t listen to doctors. They are trained poised distributors of pharmaceutical companies.

  5. A elder in the village I live in, told me, he believes "that sickness came with the pharmacies." 20 years before, this WAS a blue zone (People lived to be over 100 years old). Not anymore. He also was very proud to show me his new Monsanto corn seeds dosed with Round Up. America whats up?

  6. if you are suffering from a long term chronic condition then it should be your human right to try anything you wish. Just make a consent form for a patient to sign to say they are willing to take the risks!! You should see all the forms they make me sign for all the different pharma drugs they have tried on me.

  7. Drug trials are not needed for a new condition if they are already perscribed for a different condition!! so these doctors are just B.S ing about the need for long trials for different conditions with cannabis.

  8. I did not like the way they tried to demonize Dr.Pot at the end. He is helping people. At no profit while the others are killing people and profiting from it along the way.

  9. My dog has been on cortisone for years to manage a blood disorder which causes internal bleeding. 2 weeks ago I started her on medicinal cannabis oil now she's down to 6mg cortisone once a week instead of once a day. She is noticeably happier. I'm stoked!

  10. There's been more than ample time for all these countries to study the benefits of cannibus. We need to legalize it across the board. It's time.

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