Marijuana Health Benefits

Is Marijuana Addictive?

The evidence clearly indicates that long-term marijuana use can lead to addiction, but are there negative consequences? Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition …

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  1. When does the BS stop? Stop ruining peoples lives with these lies! Marijuana can help so many people. And it sickens me how the world have been manipulated by corporate media to hate this plant.

  2. WE NEED A VIDEO ON THE BENEFITS OF EATING RAW BUD, break down all the phytonutrients for us dr greg…and we still haven’t gotten that black seed video yet

  3. You forgot to add sugar as the most addictive and dangerous drug. How many people die of deteriorated health due to too much sugar? Millions and millions…..

  4. Eat the plant, juice the plant, love plants. The burners will do their thing but don't let the value of the plant be decided by their behavior. Hemp seeds are just part of the make up of the plant. Still see more benefit than harm. Even using false equivalents, the Weed Wins.

  5. It had NO withdrawals or addiction effect on me I smoked multiple times daily for about 3 moths straight and now haven’t smoked in 6 or 7 moths not a puff shur I think I could use a joint rn but I don’t need one and it was easy I have had opportunities to smoke many times but can easily say no thanks it is only as addictive as you make it like coffee if you asked a thousand people to give up morning coffee they would mostly say it was hard but they could do it? Just my thought lol

  6. Pray to Jesus he will save you from being a slave to this! I am a witness first hand stop being a slave to the weed man!

  7. It's addictive yes, but how much of a little bitch are you is the real question lmao. Can you smoke everyday and stop for a week without going crazy? How sad is your life? Ask yourself these things before you decide to smoke everyday, kids. It definitely won't harm you, that is for sure. Unless you have no self control.

  8. cigarettes were deemed good to use back in the day…and now our dumb brain never learn from history so we just agree to go for marijuana 🙂 Humans are so dumb…

  9. Not a good source of actuality given that 9% of all people using mirrors will be addicted.

  10. 4% LoL wtf were you morons outside of Cali smoking? Random weeds from your gardens???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. The comments are incredible. So much confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance, though from the number of thumbs down it may just be a vocal minority. People love their bad habits to the point of sacrificing reason. I've seen how marijuana hurts and limits people in subtle ways and regardless they keep buying it, keep smoking it, keep scraping their pipes for resin to get that high.

  12. the pot I had in 80's was as good as most today, testing is overrated. I dont believe the addiction is physical, but mental, hell yes.

  13. I want this stuff to be more widely available, so we can do more research on it.

  14. Wrong! There zero evidence that there is any physiological addiction. The 9% is probably an inflated number too but if let’s say 6% get “addicted”. It all a mental thing. How about saying this instead of being negative. 96% of all people who have ever used marijuana never get addicted and there is no evidence that marijuana is physiologically addictive. 100% of caffeine and nicotine uses do get addicted though just to put things in perspective. And alcohol misuse cost the United States 250 billion dollars a year and 100,000 deaths. But marijuana is addictive. Lmfao. Give me a break.

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